Mafia II on PS3: Your Questions Answered

PlayStationBlog: Last week I attended a Mafia II preview event, armed with a list of questions you wanted me to investigate. After speaking with Director of Creative Production Jack Scalici, I left with those answers… and a tommy gun filled with tequila (seriously). Since there isn’t enough in there for me to mix margaritas for all of you, I’ll just cut straight to the interview.

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Rich16313647d ago

Kinda bummed about no co-op or multiplayer. It is not a deal breaker just probably won't get it right away. Single-player only games drop in price so fast.

AngryFork3647d ago

Fail. This game will be amazing and you're not gonna support it because its SP only? Come on what is wrong with people today. There's TONS of multiplayer games available choose what you want, this game doesn't have to have it.

eggbert3647d ago

But pretty much every game gets some kind of awesome deal within the first month where the price gets discounted by about $10-20.

I haven't bought a full priced game for years, I've been waiting for a Heavy Rain price drop FOREVER! The damn thing is still $56.99 everywhere around me.

AK463647d ago

Maybe the price will come down when "Move" comes out.

karl3647d ago

if u guys keep doing that eventually u can say goodbye to hardcore games..

i will buy this day 1... no matter what.

badz1493647d ago

too many sandbox games for me at the moment and I don't think I can chew another 1! I'm still working on JC2, RDR and GTAIV+DLC and I feel these games are taking forever! I'm interested in Mafia II but I think this will wait for a while!

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ExplosionSauce3647d ago

Although Co-op would have been sweet. But the main story experience is what's really pulling me into this game.

Looking awesome btw

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Baltis3647d ago ShowReplies(8)

Someone knows if PS3 is using PhysX from Nvidia?

PC have it for the Game, for Nvidia Cards. PS3 have Nvidia Tech, and that Technology was used in games like Heavy Rain.

So, anyone knows if they develop the PS3 version with PhysX like PC?

ExplosionSauce3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

That's a good question.
I am aware of the PS3 being PhysX capable. Let's see if they put it to use for this version.

Charmers3647d ago

Any machine is PhysX capable even the xbox 360 is PhysX capable. Before Nvidia bought Ageia (the company behind PhysX) they had already ported PhysX's to the Xbox 360 and PS3 cpu's. So it is entirely feasible that both consoles will have basic physics run by Nvidia's CPU PhysX engine.

However the more advanced physical effects such as clothing and advanced destruction will need a dedicated GPU to do the calculations. The PS3 cannot use the GPU PhysX code. Only Nvidia GPU's from the 8000 series upwards can use the GPU PhysX code the PS3 has a 7000 series card and cannot use GPU PhysX's. The 360 will also be excluded from running GPU PhysX's because it does not run on ATI cards or hardware.

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