Hitman 5 concept graphics?

User seba357 sent e-mail in to us about the first concept images of the game Hitman 5. The materials appeared on the official site of Great Graphics Inc., which is owned by Chandra Larsson working at IO Interactive.

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stacjakulturapl3639d ago

These photographs look like the cover of the film

I_find_it_funny3639d ago

I guess those are real. 47 is back.

ExitToExisT3639d ago

Well if they were for the movie why would the artwork include IOI,Eidos and Square Enix logos?

stacjakulturapl3639d ago

Chandra Larsson working at IO Interactive this is he company -Great Graphics Inc

Akagi3639d ago

By the Gods... 47 looks badass.

OOG3639d ago

Im sure there will be another game but this could more likely be for the movie .... its already known its supposed to be comming.

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The story is too old to be commented.