Greenberg: Kinect better value than PlayStation Move

Microsoft product director for Xbox Aaron Greenberg has claimed that Xbox 360 camera Kinect - which has just been given a hefty £130 pricetag - is better value for consumers than Sony's Move peripheral.

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Prcko3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

defenetly not true,move is much better then kinect imo!
microsoft lied all the time,on commercials we saw like 3,4 people playing,and the true is that only 2 can play on 1 kinect,second of all this is very expensive,and tird TELL ME WHAT WILL HARDCORE GAMER DO WITH KINECT ANYWAY????

Yi-Long3644d ago

... I don't care very much for either. Move seems a bit more affordable. kinect's pricing is ridiculous.

zootang3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )


At least Move has some games we can play.

Edit: By games, I mean full games like Killzone 3, Sorcery, Echochrome 2, Socom 4, Little Big Planet 2 and Resident Evil 5

captain-obvious3644d ago

yet another day at work huh Greenberg ?

trolling that is

keep up the good work
and you'll get promoted to master troll

I_find_it_funny3644d ago

I don't really care what Mr Greenberg is saying for quite some time.

Rumor3644d ago

Shouldn't of done that......

*anticipates kb's next anti natal video*

gallospqra3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

is to be ignored.

If Kinect is better/more-convenient/whateve r-you-want than Move I don't know and I won't say, everyone will decide based on what they most like.

But the more AG talks, the more he makes me believe the contrary of whatever he's talking about..

-Alpha3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

In terms of pricing if I'm not mistaken Kinect is cheaper since it's a bundle deal for all (two) players. This is the only way I can conceive what GB is saying to be true, I see no other justification towards what he is saying.

The PR trick though is that better value=/= more desirable product in the case of Kinect. And though GB may be technically correct (I can't read the article currently so I may be missing something), there are strings attached to what he says. Of course, PR talk is always like this. I don't know who he expects to fool on the internet. Of course nonsense like this becomes the slogan for fanboys and I know I'll hear a fanboy somewhere out there repeating this line

sikbeta3644d ago

BAM! There it is... another Greentard spin-comment, better value?

Right! how I couldn't see it, I mean just $150 for a motion control add-on just for only 2 Players, great value /s

Conloles3644d ago

Neither is better value they both suck

rockleex3644d ago

Oh wait. :O

Or how the $150 HD-DVD added on to your 360 is better value than a PS3 with Bluray built into it.

Oh wait. :O

Or paying $50 a year to play the same games that are free-to-play on any other console.

Oh wait. :O

Aquanox3644d ago

Slim Arcade + Kinect + Kinect Adventures = $299.

PS3 Slim + Sports Champions + Move pack = $399.

Let's say we want to play with another person (after all, most are party games) you'll need to add another $80 to the Move. But you may need to buy 2 wands, in this case, $50.

Total PS3 Move Bundle for 2 players: $530.

Kinect and Kinect bundles are definitely the best value for your money.

Parapraxis3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Aquanox, You must have stopped learning math at a grade 2 level....

TotalPS3Fanboy3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

I could do the same thing.
I only want a 1-Player experience.

Xbox Slim + Kinect + Kinect Adventures =
$299.99 + $200 + $50 =


PS3 Slim + Move + EyeToy + Game =
$299.99 + $50 + 40 + $40 =


Oh, what do you know.
There's the PS3 Move Bundle
PS3 + EyeToy + Move + Game for only


There you go. Kinect is expensive as hell.

Ilikegames763643d ago

the price of a new bigger house/apartment if you want to play Kinect.

badz1493643d ago

at least in KB's commercial, he just emphasized on the need for buttons and not mentioning any of the competitor but Greenturd here ALWAYS find a way to mention others while promoting his own product! insecurity much? - I'm not bashing Kinect or whatsoever but Greenturd is ridiculous as always!

Spenok3643d ago

I think he's already been announced GodKing of the Trolls. He passed 'Master Troll" status LONG ago.

vsr3643d ago

I feel sorry for those poor people who believes him

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pippoppow3644d ago

Move not only a better value but more importantly has better games.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Yeap, Move have more than 40 Games in list. Including Casual and Core. At least I can rememeber 9 Core Games for Move.

Mmmkay3644d ago

drugs better value than bread.

Jazz41083643d ago

Do you know where to get some good drugs?

Mista T3644d ago

what a turd, better value my arse! it has no games, you have to have special clothing, you have to do all sorts of stupid things. while move has already shown great games that will have support, and it has the option of having games where you can sit down if you want or play standing.

Bell Boy3643d ago

Special clothing just like in the emperor's new

Kinect the real life adaptation of the emperor's new clothing....come back MS when you have at least 1 good game with the investment

MastaMold3644d ago

He should see the Kung-Fu LIVE trailer

TheLastGuardian3644d ago

If Kinect is $150 and Move is $100 and Move comes with a game and sony is promising way more hardcore titles and the biggest turnoff about Kinect is that you have to stand up while playing it. How the hell is Kinect the better value?

Jazz41083643d ago

MS does say that by the time Kinect launches they plan on fixing it so you can play sitting down as well. so that should not be a problem.

The Maxx3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

@ zootang

Let me get this are willing to spend more money on a peripheral for a game that uses the original controller that you already own.... o.O

LOL I love the mentality of the Sony Fanboy.

Kinect is $150 and can play up to 4 players.

Move will cost you $50 per controller, $30 per navigation portion. That right there is $80 bucks. Buy 2 and now its $160 which is $10 more expensive than Kinect. Don't forget if you don't have an Eyetoy, that right there will cost you an additional $40. So if you want to make things equal. In order to have Move play up to the same amount of players as a $150 kinect, you will need to spend $320 Plus $40 for the eyetoy. That is a possible expense of $360 where as Kinect is only $150.

I know Know, you will only want 2 so that you and a friend can play because 4 is just crazy right, fine, so now instead of $320 for 4 controllers, you are only spending $160 + eyetoy if you don't already own one which is STILL more expensive than Kinect and remember, Kinect can still play up to 4 players.

Therefore, if Value is the cost of what you are willing to spend on a product, then Greenburg is right. The cost of Kinect is much cheaper than Move.

SmokeyMcBear3644d ago

Well actually, kinect is confirmed for only 2 player right now, await more word for 4 player availability.

You are forgetting the bundle and use of existing dualshock controllers to complement move controller.

Scotland-The-Brave3643d ago

You are speaking out of your arse man, The nunchucks arnt needed, a dualshock 3 controller can be used. Move is a better deal when bundled, also move actually has core games, its not all shitware like kinect.

"Let me get this are willing to spend more money on a peripheral for a game that uses the original controller that you already own.... o.O " - yes i defo would, it changes the experience completely

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LogicalFanboy3643d ago

this is Microsofts last chance to keep da xbox360 on da map this generation....i dnt kno how well M$ will buy out Wii fans or casual gamers wit dis EXPENSIVE, not so casual and definently not so core motion controle, but this is their last chance to keep themselves frm drowning down to 3rd place this gen Good luck to M$ tryin to buy out consumers this holiday season wit cheap consoles, USELESS but over-hyped and flashy motion gimmiks and Justin Bieber tho cuz SONY is gonna shake shit up wit GT5, LBP2, Coke Ads and PS Move, i see Sony goin strong till da end (cant forget their exclusive lineup)

getupahh3643d ago

Kinect = $150.00

Move setup = (wand x2) $100.00
(Camera) +$30.00 for a total of $130.00

Being able to sit while you game = PRICELESS

Narutone663643d ago

are you Aaron Greenberg's one of multiple accounts here in N4G?

LogicalFanboy3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

IN SALES! simply because its made be Microsoft on da xbox. Xbots support microsofts sales like hell. they will buy anything made by them just to have one more thing to brag about and to see it sell

HOWEVER as fo gaming, this is gonna be da most useless shit on da planet. da Wii Fit did well but as for this, idk. i just cant wait to see xbox fanboys go and buy this then go on youtube and make vids on how well it sold but dont use it cuz they kno its useless(No Halo)lol while playstation fans buy Move and actually enjoy a new way to enjoy their favorite games

and at da end of da day, dats wat matters most. Gaming experience!

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Yi-Long3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

... I don't care very much for either.

I can see both failing miserably.

Mr PS33644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

All done on purpose

rroded3644d ago

i dont see much value in either till they give us some real hardcore games...

n i dont think the casuals are gonna run out n give ya 300+ bucks ta play wii knock offs without a wii mote...

nycredude3644d ago

Socom 4, RE5, Killzone 3 is not hardcore enough?

raztad3644d ago


You forgot RUSE, but I dont rroded is talking about MOVE.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

SOCOM 4 alone gives me the value for the Move.

Same cannot be said for the Kinect...

MGRogue20173644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Hell no.

The quality between the two is massive in terms of difference. Besides, Sony's products are always way more high quality than the stuff Microsoft comes out with.

jerethdagryphon3644d ago

true also remember the 3dv camera is tech rejected by ninty and sony

as for the price the fallowing is a list of things 130 will buy

1.full set of move gear with extra wand
2. a 5770 graphics card
3. 3-5 ps3 games depending on title
4. 13 months subscription to wow
5. food for 1 for a month
6. 10 large pizzahut pizzas
7. blueray drive and hd graphics card to use it with
8. 80 pints of beer
9. nappies for a baby for a month
10. 1 kinect unit......