Kinect Xbox Bundle: Why Microsoft Has Missed A Trick

NowGamer analyses Microsoft's recently revealed Kinect Xbox bundle and why it has missed the chance of a lifetime.

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polow got sol3642d ago

MS has hit the nail on the head imo this is the deal of the decade

mrv3213642d ago

4GIG isn't enough for most people MUSIC collection... it's hardly going to be good for MIcrosofts digital future... I mean feature such as

Download HD MOVIES
Download entire games
Install games
Download lot's of XBLA content

Cannot be used.... atleast make it 60GIG, trust me it won't cost that much more for Microsoft.

Briefcase Joe3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

You can use up to 32GB on 2 flash drives, but I agree that they should have included a HDD.

darthv723642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

i have all my gears/halo saves and extra content as well. I have maybe 10 xbla games on it (the ones I want to take with me) as well as my profile.

I still have room left, but i agree. It may be small but it is a hell of allot more than the 256mb on the current arcades.

What is actually more impressive is that they are keeping the wifi inside the unit. The fact there is a hdd bay means there will be some size(s) hdd available at a later time.

edit: i should clarify, i use the flash drive as a transport between units in my home. I have a 120gb equipped pro and an elite I like to play on in different rooms.

bioshock12213642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Why isn't 4GB not enough? That is more then enough for the casual gamer. Game Saves are really really small some are smaller than 1 mb and not everybody buys arcade games or music or movies. So this is about choice if people want those type of stuff then they would buy an Elite with the 250GB for the same price. Not everyone knows what Xbox live is and what it has to offer.

mrv3213642d ago

Kinect is BEING advertised as a ENTERTAINMENT Navigator as well as a game controller or did you miss the parts of E3 with XBOX 360 controlling media... wouldn't it be good you know if you could store media.

Wikkid6663642d ago

It's for for people just starting... Streaming media will work fine with it

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FunkyzeitMitBruno3642d ago

...Kinnect will be a distant memory, like the time I last slept with a woman.

Johnny Rotten3642d ago

don't feel bad, I too remember once sleeping with a woman.

Darrius Cole3642d ago

Ditto...Too bad I am also stuck with memories of when we were not in bed.

Spenok3641d ago

Wow that sucks. An entire year? I couldnt imagine.

Dellis3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

^You can't be serious, if they would had done a 199.99 4Gig XBOX 360 Kinect Bundle that would had been a true deal.

btw don't be sad, I am sure the HARDCORE KINECT BUNDLE is coming, 120 Gig HDD and all that, but they must first sell this to the Casuals.

fastrez3642d ago

For hardcore gamers perhaps, but for families on a budget or families looking for a cheap entry to gaming for their kids? I dunno. What do you guys think?

Gothdom3642d ago

I think casuals already have their wii. They won't pay for a 360 + kinect for the same games with a different coating. They'll enjoy it a bit when they'll see the display in stores, but will walk away after looking at the price tag.

gypsygib3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Casuals won't care that it only has 4 gigs cause they'll mostly play Kinect games and the odd arcade game which they can save on 16 gig USBs. The core gamers will opt for the 250 gig 360 S or a PS3 - they don't care about Kinect. Trust me, MS has thought the pricing through, they always charge the maximum price the most profitable number of people are willing to pay - look at Live. Americans will buy it.

silkrevolver3642d ago

...4 gigs of flash memory? Oh come on! This makes it abundantly clear that MS isn’t intending to sell this to the hardcore, IMO.

KILLERAPP3642d ago

Why invest when you know is going to be a hard sell, and they even took out things from natal so it would have been more expensive no wonder Nintendo and Sony said no to the company who created natal…

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