Kinect to sell to core and casual gamers, says GAME

Leading UK video games retailer GAME has said Kinect is groundbreaking technology and expects the new motion controller to be a hot item this Christmas amongst core gamers and families.

"At E3 in June, we were lucky enough to play with Kinect and can say that it truly is ground-breaking technology. Since then, we’ve been driving awareness of Kinect to our customers in-store and online," commented Martyn Gibbs, managing director of GAME Group UK. "We know from their feedback that they are excited about getting their hands on it and what it could do to their gaming experience.

"Whether they buy Kinect on its own or as part of the great value bundle, it is going to be on the Christmas lists of both core gamers and families."

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SupaGamer3642d ago

Core gamers are not going to buy this.

Yi-Long3642d ago

... haven't seen anything from Kinect that interests me as a gamer.

Dance Central looks like great fun for my girlfriend, but HELL NO, not for 150 bucks + game.

-Alpha3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

I have it on good authority that MS has invested in new marketing techniques. According to my source, MS has learned Inception. Don't fall asleep.

cobraagent3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Well, they haven't mastered Extraction yet(who would dream of that price?) so what makes you think they will be any better in Inception?

Perjoss3642d ago

I consider myself core and Kinect is day 1 for me, and so is Move. I'm just too curious to take other peoples word on stuff, i like to make up my own mind, even if they are both mediocre I know i will enjoy trying them out. Lag? who cares, Wii has significant lag and I have a blast with some wii games.

darthv723642d ago

the core gamers will get it regardless of what many may think because they are "hardcore" gamers. Meaning they support the craft and everything gaming has to offer. That is my understanding of what a real core gamer is. Not somebody who only plays this or that.

If you call yourself a core gamer and only play the shooters or sports then you are actually more of a casual than you would give yourself credit for. Casual gaming isnt just about playing a game now and then. It is also about limiting your gaming experience to specific genres/systems/platforms/whate ver.

You may think you are core because you play the "hardcore" games like killzone or gears because those are hardcore games. Just cause you play them doesnt make you a core gamer.

I play everything...good and bad on all platforms.

I AM the "CORE" gamer!

rockleex3642d ago

Wii Music?
Deadly Premonition?
ET (the video game)?

Even if you do, that doesn't make you a core gamer. That just makes you a gamer that has no taste of your own.

You simply go out and buy and play anything. Maybe that's why you ended up buying a console that breaks all the time? :P

Core gamers are people that play games as a hobby.
Casual gamers are people that play games once in awhile.

"Non-gamers" are people that have no interest at all in gaming. But you bet they will follow a fad and buy something they'll never use again after a week or two because it looks interesting at first but has no real depth to it.

HolyOrangeCows3642d ago

"I play everything...good and bad on all platforms"

That doesn't make you a core gamer, that makes you a sheep.

darthv723642d ago

I like how you added haze on there. That part made me laugh. The hype and delivery couldnt have been further unbalanced. Yup..I played it.

Wii music. While appealing to the younger audience, i found it wasnt my cup of tea. Yup, I played it.

Deadly Premonition, I had to play that to see what the fuss was about. The game is funny as hell. No heavy rain but still fun(ny) to play. Yup. I played it.

ET. Who could not love ET. The game sucked but it certainly was a challenge to not get dropped into those pits each time the bad guy came around. Yup, I played AND STILL OWN it.

I understand the point you are trying to make but insulting my views of what makes a core gamer isnt the right approach. You call this a hobby and that may be true now as it relates to me. Being older I find myself slowing down on my gaming habbits but not on the passion I have for the entertainment medium.

I enjoy gaming as a whole to much to not give things a try. Somebody went to the trouble of creating something they think others might like. Good or bad...that's how I see it.

@HOC...we always differ on views and this one is not withstanding. Your choice to call me a sheep is a bit curious however. I am afraid i dont quite "follow"....please elaborate.

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J-Smith3642d ago

'Leading UK RIP-OFF video games retailer GAME' LoL

Perjoss3642d ago

if you shop on their website they actually have some good deals sometimes, you'd be surprised.

Lucreto3642d ago

GAME is the cheapest online retailer I can find. The exchange rate is still good for Euro to pound.

nycredude3642d ago

I am still trying to figure out what is ground breaking about Kinect...

Immortal3213642d ago

And stop misrepresenting core gamers MS, I don't stand and play unless I have a CONTROLLER in my hand or I'm at the arcade. The only thing that sweat from me is my hands after an epic online rank match. I play hours on the console with my controller.

(it's a good thing I only have the ps3)

Spenok3641d ago

Well, it looks like at least 5 core gamers will, looking at you disagrees.

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Excalibur3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

I have not doubt it will some but not to Hardcores or casuals.

Hardcores have no interest in playing Wii reject games.

Casuals are just that CASUAL! They may are may not buy your games and when they do they may or may no play them, why worry about them?

The people that buy it will be the curious with the cash to satisfy their curiosity. ;)

Johnny Rotten3642d ago

can't wait to play:

~ Socom
~ Killzone
~ Tiger Woods
~ Little Big Planet
~ Resident Evil
~ Sorcerer

... oh wait this is a Kinect article, in that case:

Adva3642d ago

Hell with you!
Dance Central? Bring it on!!! Only for core gamers :D

Perjoss3642d ago

things sure have changed around here, I remember when Xbox articles were full of trolls.

GodHandDee3642d ago

Games like Echochrome 2! Truly brilliant game that is enjoyable by both core and casual

003642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

with the price they're going to charge.

mrv3213642d ago

With games like '____' the core will certainly buy this.

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