Namco and Capcom: Why It's the Next Great Crossover

Gameplaybook discusses the pros and cons (mostly pros) of the rumored Capcom/Namco team-up, and why it means big things for the fighting community.

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TheLeprachaun3636d ago

Probably the reason both dropped out of GC 2010 too. I'm sure we'll see something from them at TGS.

Army_of_Darkness3636d ago

just as long as they use one of Capcom's graphics engines... tekken 6 was ugly and outdated.

Spenok3635d ago

Agreed. The character models were good. Unfortunatly that was about it. Not to mention the SFIV engine was much more stylish.

FiftyFourPointTwo3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

Pacman VS Servbot

'nuff said. xD

skip2mylou3636d ago

pacman would eat servbot alive!!!! lol

RedPawn3636d ago

Tales characters V Breath of Fire characters.

Ansastuken V Kyokugen

yewles13636d ago

"Namco and Capcom: Why It's the Next Great Crossover"

Uh, because Sammy vs. Capcom failed?

Redempteur3636d ago

namco X capcom ( the rpg ) is a great game quite tough for newcommers but really a good game

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