Brand New Kung Fu LIVE Trailer

This is Teemu from the Virtual Air Guitar Company. I hope you are all having a great summer. For once, it’s burning hot, even in Finland, but nevertheless we are working hard on our new game Kung-Fu LIVE. It’s coming to PlayStation Store later this year, making it possible for all of you with some Bruce Lee spirit to engage in kicking ass in a whole new way.

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Cloudberry3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

I've also watched GAMESPOT's Kung Fu LIVE video preview, and I gotta say...

It's better than I thought. :o

The transition from the player in real-life to in-game are quite smooth (minimal lag).

But the best thing is the game-play.

It's simple & amusing.

The first time I heard of Kung Fu LIVE (minus the video / trailer that time), I was thinking...

You act like punching & kicking invisible enemies & the PS Eye track you in-game.


And that's it?


The recent game-play videos confirmed it just like I thought of it before!

Simple & amusing.

PS : Question.

Does anyone know why Kung Fu LIVE doesn't appear (yet?) on KINECT?



The comic scenes are great!!!

This game it's indeed better than I thought it would be.

Slient Knight 93643d ago

its shaping up to be very good game.

plus i see in vid you can use weapons ok, your weapons about time i put that cricket bat to good use, still no sign of that zombie invasion

MastaMold3643d ago

this game is LoL, but it looks fun


It does look very funny something you could play whilst very drunk :)

Siesser3643d ago

Sweet - already have a PSEye, so I guess I'm all set. Wonder if I can pull off a Kamehameha...

Alcohog3643d ago

That trailer is hilarious...they also said it would be sub $15.