Microsoft Launch New Xbox 360 Controller Bundle

Word has reached Electronic Theatre today that stores throughout Europe have received their initial shipments of the new, official Xbox 360 Controller Bundle. Made available alongside the newly redesigned Xbox 360 “S” system, which officially launched in last Friday, these new Xbox 360 Controller Bundles had initially been in short supply in the UK, but are now available at retailers nationwide.

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KILLERAPP3636d ago

Bought a 360 controller last week 30 dollars from Amazon… I saw this one but I didn’t get it…

-Alpha3636d ago

I love the 360 controller, but I need a charge kit.

Adexus3636d ago

I really want the controller but it's so expensive with the Play and Charge kit, cheapest I found is £38.85 on and even they're sold out.

Honest_gamer3636d ago

go for the wired controller! after a while you never take out the charge kit because its a hassle puting it in all the time so all you are left with is a giant brick under the controller the wired one is ligher and feels better, or so i think

AAACE53636d ago

I kinda agree... I just leave my charger plugged in and when I need to charge, I just connect and keep going! I like to play without the wire connected, so a good hour of charge and the cord goes back.