Pearl Harbor Trilogy – 1941: Red Sun Rising Gameplay Trailer

Nintendo Okie shares the new trailer for Pearl Harbor Trilogy, that shows the different controls available in the game.

Nintendo-Okie says, "If you downloaded the game, what do you think of what you have played so far?"

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CoffeewithChess3643d ago

third mission right now in the U.S. campaign, and so far, I have had fun with the missions.

Has anybody else here tried it yet?

Copyright3643d ago

This game looks better in motion than I thought it would.

What control method are you using?

browngamer43643d ago

This is a wiiware game?-looks f-kin sic!!

CoffeewithChess3643d ago

Yea, it looks well, and so far has played well also.

Yea, if by "sic", you are meaning "awesome" "incredible" or anything along those lines, it is pretty nice for a WiiWare game.