90° to provide online ordering through Xbox LIVE
"Microsoft and have partnered up to provide online movie ticket ordering through the Xbox 360. Xbox LIVE users in the United States will be able to order tickets through the Xbox 360 or via the upcoming Windows 7 phones"

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killyourfm3634d ago

I noticed this with Inception, it's a pretty cool idea.

Christopher3634d ago

I guess this is one way to get onto platforms not already dominated by Fandango or Flixter.

Queasy3634d ago

Not a big addition to Xbox LIVE but should be interesting to see how this works out.

tehk1w13634d ago

I went to the theater to see Inception and there was a line like a mile long. I really hope more online ordering options become available, because as much as I enjoy elbowing seniors in the face and kneeing little kids in the dome as I claw my way to the front of the line, it's awfully inconvenient.

Queasy3634d ago

That sounds like a feature not a bug!

Seriously, there are so many different online ordering options already available it isn't funny. I just don't care for the "convenience fees".

IdleLeeSiuLung3634d ago

I agree, the convenience fee suck considering it is already expensive to watch a movie. If it wasn't for my girlfriend, I wouldn't even bother going to the movies these days.

Here's hoping MS doesn't charge a convenience fee, that is really more convenience for the company!

Christopher3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

There will be a convenience fee, and it won't be Microsoft that charges it but They charge $1 for each ticket purchased through their service.

Anyway, just went to their site and did a search from my zip code (20879) and it didn't show any theaters in my area as theaters that I can buy tickets from. So, looks like is going to have an issue with being useful for a large number of people since they can't buy tickets for many of the theaters out there.

Christopher3634d ago

If I go to see a movie, I go to eat before the movie and buy the tickets early.

I do have Fandango and Flixter on my phone so I can order tickets any time, but I don't want to pay a middleman for convenience that really isn't that convenient (still have to wait in line to get the tickets, even the one to use the electronic kiosks).

nygamer283634d ago

not that great but hows gonna complain about an extra app

HarryMonogenis3634d ago

That actually sounds quite cool.

But we'll have to wait to find out if there are any hidden catches/downsides to this..

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The story is too old to be commented.