The PSP: A Perpetual Swan Song

The PSP for all its flaws holds has to be given credit for doing what no other handheld has ever been able to do: survive against a Nintendo portable. That said, with the 3DS on the horizon and sure to become a sales monster, one has to wonder how much longer the PSP can survive. New England Gamer discusses this in its monthly column at Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show.

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Cloudberry3644d ago

But more / less than 60 millions PSP sold, I think it's great achievement for Sony Computer Entertainment.

Awhile back, I already wrote about how I used to underestimate hand-held gaming (Nintendo Game Boy Advanced & before that).

But Nintendo DS & Sony PSP change my oipnions.........

I never thought Ready At Dawn Studios could pull a similar PS2 scale God Of War in Chains Of Olympus.

I was totally a tech noob on how awesome, the first time I saw the touchscreen game-play in Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword.

I couldn't believe the crazy & deep game-play of Dissidia Final Fantasy & Peace Walker.


Amazing action RPG transition with it's bloody heart breaking ending of Crisis Core.

With the remaining already launched / future games like Persona 3 Portable, Peace Walker, future Ghost Of Sparta, etc, it's been an awesome & amazing ride for PSP.

I just wished I gotten a PSP and / or DS sooner... : (

There's not even a year since I both own them, before the 3DS launch...

darthv723643d ago

i have 3 psp's (1000, 2000 & GO) and 4 ds's (2 fats, lite and DSI). Portable gaming has always facinated me. When would we get home console quality on the go. Ever since the turboexpress being the first to fully play home console games on the go I have been thinking that the future for gaming was portability.

Sega had some success with game gear against the original game boy but they didnt really pursue anything further. Unless you consider the nomad which was a portable genesis.

Atari and the lynx, snk with neogeo pocket. They all had different approaches to portable gaming but they all contributed to the belief that full console quality portability was coming. PSP made that happen in a big way and i look forward to both the 3ds and whatever sony has in store for their portable line.

Trroy3643d ago

The PSP is great. Thank you Sony for making handheld gaming worth it for me.

Looking forward to everything PSP in the future, whether it be a PSP2, or nothing more than some cool new games for the PSP1.

Stationfan3643d ago

Thanks Sony for the psp, i just picked up an awesome bundle a slim psp for 169.99 but get this it includes MLB the show 2010, Motorstorm Artic Edge, and Benchwarmers. i think that he cheapest bundle out.

What an awesome way to start a collection, i still kick myself for not picking up MGS peacwalker at Kmart brand new for 19.99 wow.

Oh thanks Sony for remote play comes in handy when my old lady hogs the tv to watch soap operas, because when activated i have acces to the 160 plus movies on my 500gb ps3.

remanutd553643d ago

Motorstorm Arctic Edge is one of the best games the little system can offer , its a true Motorstorm game in your pocket, love it , Big Big did a fantastic job , hope to see Motorstorm 2 on the psp in the future

Sarevok3643d ago

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is my favorite psp game.