Sledgehammer Hiring For New Console Game

NowGamer: According to numerous job listings, Activision's Sledgehammer Games has an "unannounced" console title in the works...

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jimmins3640d ago

Could it be a dumbed-down CoD title, ie third-person? Note it doesn't say AAA. Wii?

Spenok3639d ago

Hmm, good point. Its not often they announce "unannounced titles" without the AAA next to it.

Kingdom Come3640d ago

I had hope in Sledgehammer Games installment after hearing it could have been a TPS (My favourite genre of games), however, I immediatly lost interest after discovering the title would futher milk the franchise as it would be a FPS and a single player experience...

Alos883640d ago

Job conditions include a great sense of teamwork, an ability to quickly learn new skills, and an understanding that you may be fired if the game does particularly well.

3639d ago