Go! Gaming Giant: Tournament of Legends Review

From the review:

"Originally known as Gladiator A.D., we were teased with tough-looking warriors dismembering each other in an M-rated bloody gladiator arena. Looking like something straight out of Frank Miller’s 300 and featuring an in-depth storyline in which the outcome is shaped by your character’s development, the game appeared to provide a realistic and hardcore edge that has largely been lacking from the Wii. To say the least, it was disappointing when it was announced as changing to Tournament of Legends with a strikingly different visual style, toned down violence, and a new story that involves mythological personalities. Deciding to make the game a bit more teenager-friendly is understandable, but the move has left a bitter taste in many mouths. However, this is a review of the finished product and not the original concept, so let’s try not to dwell too terribly much."

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Fabian3016d ago

I can't say I'm particularly surprised that this didn't live up to expectations, but of course it's always disappointing when that is the case. A someone with great affection for the ancient legends this is attempting to build on, I can only hope we get some better representations of them in the future.

omicron0093016d ago

The game looks dated indeed

RaymondM3016d ago

it looks great, but the premise seems outdated and overused. Also; no online play? What is this the 80's?! Having no online play is like setting your game up to be dead in the water. The possibilities of fun now seem minuscule since a fighting games are better with another person. A 6 out of 10 seems like a decent score with a game that has so many flaws.
Good article btw.

LukeA3015d ago

Wow, a lot more cons than pros for this title. I think this will be a rental only.