ThumbPad - Limbo XBLA Review Writes: From the very beginning, even with the eerie connotations of the term, LIMBO sucks you into its enchanting world. You awake as a little boy in a forest with no clue as to what is going on, where you are, or what it is that you must do. Yet from start to finish, you are compelled to move on, to beat the current puzzle that stands in your way and to further explore the strange yet hauntingly beautiful world

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DelbertGrady3641d ago

Another winning title for the superior online service.

-MD-3641d ago

You are correct sir.

inception1233641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

to bad all the big 360 games(the ones that people buy the system for) continue to flop. maybe ms should just make a hand held console and make these little games since that is all that is worth buying on the 360. if it doesn't come to psn i'll just play it on lbp2 when someone recreates the whole game. :)