Top reasons why Achievements /Trophies are Bad

Sony and Microsoft have changed gaming for those interested, yet are they a good or bad thing. Msxbox-world takes a look at the negatives of Achievements and Trophies in games.

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Alos883641d ago

As for shelving games after getting all the achievements, odds are I would've shelved the game long before that if they weren't there.

wazzim3641d ago

Trophies/Achievements made games more 'usefull'. It's a little thing but it helps alot in playing games longer.

ShadesMoolah3641d ago

I have a gamerscore of 148,999 and have seen the good, the bad and ugly of achievements.

ps3gamerkyle3641d ago

TBH, I love the trophy aspect of games. It really adds a whole new element that was previously unavailable pre-trophies.

doctorstrange3641d ago

If you get obsessed, otherwise they are just a nice extra objective

user94220773641d ago

I can't get enough of trophies.

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