PolarityGamers | Alien Swarm Review

Available free from Steam, Alien Swarm is an action packed 4-player coop game. The players have to fight their way through wave after wave of aliens with 3 other teammates in order to eradicate all the aliens on the icy off-world mining colony.

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bobcostus3010d ago

It's awesome. Anyone with a PC should own this game. It's free, it's Valve, it's kickass.

wicko3010d ago

Yeah played it with a friend last night, can be pretty tough with just 2 people.

peeps3010d ago

not had chance to play with my mates yet but they enjoy it and so far looks like it could be a lot of fun, and it's free lol so can't really complain

sonicsidewinder3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

On the download. Steam ID - 'sonicsidewinder'.

I love the smell of laser-fried alien in the mornin'.

chak_3010d ago

play this morning 3 hours with friends, It's a blast.

Just give it a few weeks for user-made levels, and we're good to go

3010d ago