GameSpot: Mafia II Updated Exclusive Hands-On - Vito's New Life

The point of Mafia II, says producer Alex Cox, is to make you feel like the lead in a mobster movie--to be the video game equivalent of The Godfather or Goodfellas. That makes classy cinematic presentation and musical score; "mature, believable" narrative; and meticulous period details the order of the day: all the trappings of a classic gangster flick wrapped around an urban driving and shooting sandbox.

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budbundystyles3647d ago

Pre ordered on PS3 for over a month.

Conloles3647d ago

Looks good, gonna be so good on PC!

Poseidon3647d ago

yea, renting it to see if its a buy because there are jut so many open world games i have yet to play like red dead, and this. looks good though. getting the ps3 version like you for the content. :)

Johnny_Bravo3647d ago

There's going to be a demo you know. Probably the first or second week of August.

life doomer3647d ago

I have a feeling this game is going to be a sleeper hit because there is not a lot of hype in the gaming community.

ForROME3647d ago

Im ready for the Mafia to be in my House killing MOFOs

capjacksparrow3647d ago

I am the only person who prefered the Godfather games to GTA. I hope this one is great!

Krugsy3647d ago

I must agree with you to a certain extent. I absolutely LOVED the first Godfather game, I thought it really caught the vibe of the movies and did a good job creating a game from the licence. And I think I probably loved it more than GTA:SA but about the same as GTA:VC. Godfather 2, while a good game, it wasn't a great game, but still fun. And I totally adored Mafia, but i'm a sucker for most Mob themed movies and games. So yeah, im looking forward to some more Mafioso action with Mafia II, which is looking great.