MS back on top, inches past Apple to become top tech company again

Well that didn't last too long! MS has once again regained the prestigious status as most valued technology company. Apparently, MS is just inching past Apple. Perhaps all those issues surrounding the iPhone 4 have truly hit Apple where it hurts, but one would expect them to fully bounce back in all their usual glory.

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Joule5114d ago (Edited 5114d ago )


I hate Apple.

Strange_Evil5114d ago

iPod revision coming in a few months time, so won't be long before they become 1 again....

BTW even I don't believe in Apple products (except for the iPod Touch maybe), but they sure do hell market them better than any other company in the market.

Redrum0595114d ago

to hell with apple, only apple products i will ever buy is an ipodtouch which i already have. for those who are thinking of buying an iphone4g, i suggest yall do some research on the droid first.

Rush5113d ago (Edited 5113d ago )

The Iphone 4 ain't 4g... it's just simply the Iphone 4.

And currently the fastest most well designed smartphone on the planet is the Samsung Galaxy S followed by Droid x Then the Iphone 4.

IdleLeeSiuLung5114d ago

I'm not a fan of elitist Apple, but got to give it to them, they make great products. They re-invigorated the portable mp3 music player market and did it again on smart phones.

They are on a roll, but who knows what will happen once Steve Jobs croaks due to cancer? Also, most of Apple's market cap is from expectation, not actual company value so it will fall really fast if it doesn't measure up.

With that said, I gotta give it to Apple's ability to sell stuff with excellent profit margins. They are the Coach bag of the tech world, selling stuff at prices far above any competitor and defies any logic or reasoning. Congrats Apple, wish I bought your stock 2 years ago!!!

Awesome_Face5114d ago

MS FTW, everyone wishes that they could be them

Consoldtobots5113d ago


the title of best phone on the market goes to the Evo 4G.

SaberEdge5113d ago

I don't like all Apple's proprietary crap and how they keep coming out with new products that have features the previous product you just bought should have had.

thewhoopimen5113d ago (Edited 5113d ago )

My question to you guys then is... what did Apple ever do to you?

Did they not stick it in your a** quite as many times as microsoft? I guess its true when they say you always remember your first /s

Spenok5112d ago

A lot of people do for some reason.

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iamnsuperman5114d ago

I am glad the Apple are not seen as perfect anymore. What really pissed me off about the iphone 4 issue was the fact they twisted their answer to blame someone else and then in the press conference said all smart phones have this issue.

hoops5114d ago

Apple never takes responsibility. Telling consumers you need to hold the phone a certain way when THEY knew it was a hardware flaw was comical at best.

thewhoopimen5113d ago

Kind of reminds me of how MS handled the RROD debacle originally as well. Claiming it was the user not providing enough ventilation lol.

pwnsause5114d ago (Edited 5114d ago )

yea, i think i will buy a droid...

The Almighty PS3rd5114d ago

I have a Droid and love it! MS is #1 baby! ;)

Raoh5114d ago


what does the droid have to do with ms?

The Almighty PS3rd5114d ago

Maybe because apple doesn't make the Droid? And the article is about MS being #1, if you were confused.

bjornbear5114d ago

for a retarded person. Perfect suit.

Rush5113d ago (Edited 5113d ago )

Don't worry about bjornbear he's a little passive aggressive because MS is about to take Europe back from the PS3 too.

thewhoopimen5113d ago

It's soooooo sad reading some of the MS fanboy's blind enthusiasm for a company well documented to have "stolen" (not borrow, stolen") plenty of code and enriching themselves in the process over the last 3 decades.

Microsoft admits stealing code from startup
Tuesday 15 December 2009 22.10 GMT

Do you know how sickening it is to read stuff like this? This is the virtual equivalent of taking candy from a baby.

Plenty has been written about Microsoft exploiting the hardwork of others. It just blows my mind how many kids worship Ballmer's bald pate.

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RonRico5113d ago

He wants a MS Kin phone. lol

TheTeam065114d ago (Edited 5114d ago )

That iPhone 4 mishap really hurt Apple and Windows 7 really did well.

Unfortunately, Apple is still considered "cool" here in America, so I'm sure a couple of "Mac VS PC" ads or new iPhone ads (other than "FaceTime") and a new iPod would do the trick for them. They've been big since the turn of the century and the iPhone's arrival in 2007 prolonged their "coolness".

Let's hope Nintendo can fight Apple in the handheld market. They're considered competitors and they aren't even trying.... man, they're like a plague.

fire235114d ago

And apple is back on top again at least at the closing bell for the day