The PlayStation Fans’ Guide to San Diego Comic-Con

Jeff Rubenstein "Comic-Con may have been all about pulp and capes once upon a time, but these days it’s more of a celebration of geek/pop culture: sci-fi TV shows, action movies, and, of course, video games.

So for those of you attending this mega conference (about 125,000 last year), I’ve put together a primer of the PlayStation presence at the San Diego Convention Center (and beyond)."

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xc7x3640d ago

oh wait,maybe that's under the "host of PS Move titles" mentioned? Surely they're not lumping one of Sony's greatest shooting games as such but not surprising either because they did put out Zipper-less Confrontation first on PS3,so now they're just pretending the franchise is just part of a controller set up and not worthy of mention :-/

Dragun6193640d ago

If anyone's going. Hideo Kojima is gonna be there.
Gonna try to get my MGS4 CE signed.