OXCGN’s LIMBO XBLA Review – Braid’s Darker Twin


"Quite simply, Limbo will most likely be one of the most talked about Arcade games of the year.

It’s one of those games that tries to do something quite similar to other games of its genre but puts its own twist on it. And the twist is great.

Limbo is a side scrolling platformer made by PlayDead Studios, with its primary focus on solving physics based puzzles to progress through the eerie world of Limbo."

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gaminoz3637d ago

This really looks atmospheric. There are really some interesting titles on XBLA these days.

hardcorez3637d ago

agree. the dlc games these days seem to be improving with quality.

BadCircuit3637d ago

It's just that we don't seem to hear about them much as they aren't really marketed. The casuals who might also enjoy XBLA titles don't hear of them.

captain-obvious3637d ago

it looks like i'll be buying this one

NecrumSlavery3637d ago

Hardcorez I totally agree. Both PSN/XBLA arcade are dishing out stellar games. I am finding DLC games to be more and more enjoyable. BRW DeathSpank is outstanding as well.

XboxOZ3603637d ago

There's heaps of game on the XBLA and PSN that don't get their fair share of promotion.

Due mainly to the fact the dev through either Sony or Microsoft try and keep costs down enough for the developer to make some money, enabling them to continue making more games.

The 3 main platforms are making great inroads into the casual gamer market, and it's more the hardcore gamer that doesn't look for these games until they are released, whereas the casual gamer keeps away from the mainstream hardcore gaming media news boards etc.

The game look excellent, and certainly looked good when OXCGN had a chance to get its hands on it . . . . I can imagine this being in many gamers libraries but I don't think it'll hit the PSN any time soon, seeing this is the dev first effort, which is a shame really, but understandable.

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OneSneakyMofo3637d ago

I was looking forward to this, but my Xbox 360 died today, lol.

BadCircuit3637d ago

Funny...mine is in getting repaired for RROD too...but it's an older model.

Halochampian3637d ago

funny.. considering you don't own one.

On topic: This has been one of my most anticipated titles since it was first shown. Cant wait to play it.

"Braid's darker twin" has me sold

Redrum0593637d ago

kinda like a sidescroller silent hill but without the blood and ccreatures.

BadCircuit3637d ago

I like the black and white shadow look. I may have to try this one.

Godem3637d ago

Will be weird to be playing black and white on HDTV's.. quite a blast from the past lol

Godem3637d ago

Lol it really does look like the opposite of Braid, and because of that I must buy it

REALgamer3637d ago

They have to contend with the post-E3 news surge.

Kind of hard for an amazing indie game to get noticed in amongst games using the CryEngine 173 with 1 million billion head polygons and physics that make breaking crates and exploding barrels more realistic than ever!

I'll be getting this one to show my support for the little guys, not to mention it sounds like a better game than many of the recent 'triple A' games out there.

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