Activision Buying Ubisoft Would Be 'Absurd,' says Analyst

Electronic Arts has had a stake in French publisher Ubisoft since 2005, but no more. It was revealed last week that EA has decided to sell off its stake in the company. When the news broke, one analyst at Kepler Capital Markets suggested that this sale could potentially open the door for another company or rival publisher, like Activision, to acquire the folks behind Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell.

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NYC_Gamer3645d ago

would be too much money wasted

Cevapi883645d ago

i cant wait for Assassins Creed: Renaissance Warfare, it will be the greatest FPS ever!

Quagmire3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Lol. I'm surprised Ubisoft is managing to create a well thought out MultiPlayer aspect to AC: Brotherhood, compared to MW2's overhyped broken, buggy, glitchy, viral-infecting MP.

PshycoNinja3645d ago

Are fine as they are, this industry needs competition, we cant have that with publishers buying out each other.

Quagmire3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Activision eats Ubisoft.
Microsoft Eats Nintendo.
EA eats Sony.
Then Activision eats up everyone.

Chaos ensues. Judgement day/apocalypse begins.

PandemicPrawn03645d ago

Microsoft should buy those shares.

It might be handy for them to have a minority stake in a company that will be creating important 360 and Kinnect software like Splinter Cell and Your Shape Fitness.

anonymouse1113353645d ago

True, I'd much rather MS own ubi than activision, as we've seen how crappy activision is lately when it comes to treating their devs.

Vojkan3645d ago

i disagree. Ubisoft is probably 3rd biggest 3rd party dev. Losing that to MS or Acti would be bad for industry....

chiwoo3645d ago

Microsoft cant even afford Epic games what makes you think they can go after Ubisoft. Also from what i am seeing Activision can go down as the top publisher at anytime just like EA did. also activision buying Ubisoft thats never going to happen

anonymouse1113353645d ago

@Vojkan I was reffering to if one or the other would have to buy it I'd rather MS.

@chiwoo they probably could buy them if they wanted to, but at the same time I don't know how much they'd sell for or how much MS has.

ChronoJoe3645d ago

It's still extremly doubtful Splinter Cell will stay exclusive, considering the track record of the series (every one has been a timed exclusive on XBOX).

That and Ubisoft are taking most there focus on the 3DS.

0oAngeluso03645d ago

I think they should buy the minority shares and then eventually take over the company. Though, then everytime an Assassins Creed game came out, people would complain and say Microsoft was Milking the franchise, or "old ubi was good" like they say now days with Rare.

Either way, it'd be a way of getting another quality development team on board.

PandemicPrawn03645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

I don’t think that they need to buy out Ubisoft outright, as that might be a bit heavy handed.

But Ubisoft has come out swinging in support of Kinnect with a couple of solid launch titles in Your Shape Fitness and Child of Eden.

I just think it would be smart to have a stake in a company that is taking Kinnect seriously.

Vojkan3645d ago

Child of Eden is also on PS3...btw

PandemicPrawn03645d ago

I know that Child of Eden is also on the PS3. But Ubisoft has clearly taken the time to think carefully how to make it playable for Kinnect.

I'm sure it would have been easy to just release it for the PS Move and Wii but by thinking about Gesture controls for Kinnect it just might be the better for it.

3645d ago
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