Jury recommends death sentences in 'Xbox slayings' trial

After nearly three hours of deliberation Tuesday morning, a jury has recommended death for Troy Victorino, 29, and Jerone Hunter, 20, and life in prison for Michael Salas, 20. The three men have been convicted of six counts of first-degree murder. On August 6, 2004, Victorino, Hunter, and Salas, along with Robert Cannon (who would be tried separately, pending the withdrawal of his guilty plea) used aluminum baseball bats to beat to death six unsuspecting victims.

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Marriot VP5393d ago

wait black people play video games....

lol, kidding again I know many on halo 2 and what not. These guys need to take it easy.

Tempo5393d ago

I think the ship has sailed on that one and it seems only one of them might be able to take it easy ..:S

PS360PCROCKS5393d ago

why is this gaming news, because it involved an Xbox?

The Snake5393d ago

Killing someone over a video game system? That's idiotic. These guys give gamers and the entire gaming industry an undeserved bad name. We don't need people like that in this world anyway. Good riddance.