Tiger Woods Scandal Blamed for Declining Game Sales

EA notes a 68% year-over-year drop in sales of PGA Tour series.

Blaze9294815d ago

right...don't blame the fact that maybe people don't want to spend $60 for a game that changed a 10 to an 11

WLPowell4815d ago

Dating Sim DLC... It will definitely offer something no other Golf sim offers. sales should return to normal.

dizzleK4815d ago

i was just gonna say that maybe golf gamers just dont feel the need to drop $60 on the same courses every year. i highly doubt that theres moralists filled with righteous indignation boycotting this game cuz tiger dipped his wick in some hotties. every single man would do the exact same thing if they could.

Mmmkay4815d ago

i thought this was a beat em up game. got very disappointed and had to return it.

hoops4815d ago

Blaze +bubbles. If i could give you more I would. Best post of the day by far!

Solidus187-SCMilk4815d ago

They should have made it more like the tiger woods game that was in south park. that would sell.

BattleAxe4815d ago (Edited 4815d ago )

All they need to do is keep the same gameplay, but give us some photo realistic graphics to make it a more realistic golf experience.

2009 was the last Tiger Woods that I bought, and I won't buy another until I see some upgrades.

clonerz4815d ago

add to that $10.00 per course that should be in the game bring back tiger vision for the novice gamer that might help i dunno why they took it away.to be honest the game has not changed enough to warrant purchase year to year in awhile

Yi-Long4815d ago

... that and them seling courses as DLC that normally should have been just in the game from the get-go.

I love golfing games and I don't give a fuck about Tiger's personal issues, but I'm not buying any game where the developers are trying to DLC-scam me!

I'll stick to Everybody's Golf on my PSP.

dead_eye4814d ago

Tiger Woods 2004 was the best one I've played. Me and my mates spent hours playing that game.

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Shoko4815d ago

Madden and NBA games to drop that much in sales year by year. This drop is bigger than them all, so yes, what Tiger did obviously has an impact on this. Some people simply don't want to support him in any shape form or fashion anymore.

peyote4815d ago

Rubbish, gamers don't care less. You could put Hitler on the cover and if the game was excellent it would still sell. Sales didn't impact at all at the time the problems arose anyway. Issue is that the game is almost exactly the same as years previous. The only reason sales maintained last year is because it came out with motion plus support. I have 10, can't see any reason to buy 11.

Hellsvacancy4815d ago

My pot dealer ripped me off 2-day, wasnt very nice weed at all (not like he promised on the phone) its all Tiger Woods fault, i blame that mofo, every-1-else seems 2

Basil-Rathboner4815d ago

Nike wants to drop their endorsement.
Apparently Tiger's balls go everywhere.

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