GamesRadar: Limbo Review

You'll love

* Amazing atmosphere
* Clever, organic puzzles that don't get tired
* Captivating visual style

You'll hate

* Could have been longer
* Late-game platforming can feel very slightly clunky
* Vague achievements (sorry, it's just so nearly perfect)

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xino3639d ago

why did it had things you'll hate!?
so it should be 9/10!

karl3639d ago

"sorry, it's just so nearly perfect"

blodulv3639d ago

Yeah this one had me sold quite a while ago. All of the positive reviews are just icing on the cake.

Acquiescence3639d ago

But lest we not forget, GamesRadar gave FFXIII a perfect score aswell. They do allow themselves to be swept away on a tide of hyperbole from time to time.

mikepmcc3635d ago

wtf? The other reviews for this game aren't much different, it has a 92 avg.

solar3639d ago

i hope this comes to the PC since i dont own a 360.

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