PixelJunk Racers(PSN): Fireball Blast Gameplay

Build up momentum and become a fireball on the racetrack as you try to destroy the other racers in this destructive game mode. HD video available following the link.

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timmyp534960d ago

it looks like a hotwheels game. good thing you only gotta play like 8 dollars for small titles like this.

Barreldragon004960d ago

Agreed i could care less about this game. I want to hear more about Ecocrome.

ALIEN4960d ago

But i ain't paying more than $5 dollars for this game.

masterg4959d ago

Looks like my kind og game... LOL

GrooveChampion4959d ago

This is actually one of my most anticipated games. 7 player twitch racing? Gaming goodness ahoy.