Wishing I Were Fluent In Simlish: My Personal DRM Woes | Crush! Frag! Destroy!

CFD!'s Scott Thompson lays out a tale of frustration and annoyance and the lengths DRM will drive one to:

"My girlfriend loves The Sims. Though it’s a statement that certainly ranks somewhere in the “Top 10 Most Commonly Stated Sentences of All Time,” the truth and validity of it remains unwavering. Most anytime we are parked on the sofa watching TV, she is simulating God on her laptop. If she is not, you can almost sense her desire to be doing so. And since her game of choice doesn’t hog the TV or require her to use the high-end PC in the bedroom, she gets to spend a lot of time playing it. There are many nights where she is only half-there on the couch watching a movie with me; her consciousness somewhere else, watching over numerous little lives.

"This was all well, until one morning when we awoke to find her laptop refusing to power on."

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acronkyoung3639d ago

I wish companies would be a little more inventive in getting people to actually pay for games and not just slap crippling DRM on everything.