PSLS Presents – Ed Vaizey, UK Culture Minister

PSLS Writes:
At this year’s Develop Conference in Brighton, UK Culture Minister Ed Vaizey held a keynote to try and explain why the British Government has refused to bring tax breaks to the Games Industry. The Labour Government had previously promised to bring these tax breaks, but since the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats came in to power, such plans were scrapped. PlayStation LifeStyle talked with Ed after his keynote to delve into why the government is risking the industry’s position on a global scale, and whether he believes he has made true on the promises he gave the last time we spoke.

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Sev3637d ago

It's an interesting conference, quite the opposite of the glam and glitz E3 is known for. Develop is must of quiet, relaxing, and straight down to business.

Then again, it's not really a tradeshow meant for the press, and huge game reveals.

Great coverage nonetheless. Interesting interview.

doctorstrange3636d ago

But it was great to talk to Ed

Trexman893636d ago

whats a culture minister?

doctorstrange3636d ago

Who handles 'culture' - arts, movies, games etc

JonnyBigBoss3636d ago

What a job that must be...

joinsideke3636d ago

I can't get over how different the atmosphere must be