ZTGD: NCAA Football 11 Review

ZeroTolerance Writes: I love this time of year. Being a fan of the gridiron when EA Sports launches its NCAA Football series I know that football season is almost here. While waiting on my Oakland Raiders to start their pro season I always love taking a dip into NCAA to get warmed up to the idea of various colored leaves and of course the sound of shoulder pads cracking. This is a perfect example of how the NCAA series fits into the EA Sports lineup. While not the most prominent in the stable, it definitely gets more attention year in and year out than most other yearly franchises.

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ForROME3636d ago

LAME! however the players now have towels! Thats a HUGE leap forward-cough

iceman063636d ago

Sure, they have gone back and fixed some nagging issues. Run blocking can be changed a bit to make sense. The locomotion seems to have sped things up a bit. The play selection is much like the ask the coach, but it actually offers more than one play. The presentation has been upped the most. But, it still has the legacy issues that EA football fans will recognize from the beginning. WR's that run into each other on crossing and slant routes, pro tak (while minimized) still bugs me (running back will break tackles of 2-3 players grabbing him), LB's and D backs still don't have to see the ball in order to make INT's, QB can make impossible throws across the field while running in the opposite direction, etc. All in all, a decent package...but still not at greatness. I like it, but don't love it.