Is piracy scaring PC developers?

DamnLag: Piracy as a whole has been a growing cancer in the gaming industry with each generation with more and more people finding ways to download and play games on their consoles and handhelds, but this cancer is posing a serious threat to the PC platform more than anything.

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NYC_Gamer3642d ago

games worth buying will sell regardless of piracy

PaPa-Slam3642d ago

Sadly that isn't happening at all, games that are popular are the most Pirated games.

theonlylolking3642d ago

Yup, why would a dev make a game on PC if it is going to get pirated? If PC gamers want games on PC then they need to help fight piracy. Xbox 360 is quickly turning into a PC where games are pirated. I have talked to soo many poeple who say I pirated this or pirated that. and they are not afraid to say it.

The wii is hopeless when fighting piracy even when nintendo has an update it is never mandatory even when it blocks piracy like homebrew channel. Until nintendo makes updates against piracy mandatory there will still be a lot of hackers and pirates.

Charmers3642d ago

Ohhhhh god another piracy article these are getting as bad as "the PC is dead I tell you". The problem isn't piracy the problem is software developers are not making games PC gamers are interested in.

I don't pirate games, I have a reasonable PC (quad with GTX260) and I very rarely buy full priced games because they are just not worth it these days. The article uses Street fighter as an example, I bought that for £12 got half an hour out of it and thought it was a pile of crap and uninstalled it.

Now I am not saying street fighter is crap I am sure it is an excellent "beat em up" but PC gamers like me do not find that kind of game interesting. Just like if I released "Advanced Air Traffic Simulator" on the xbox or PS3 I bet console gamers wouldn't find that interesting either.

Developers are just not providing what PC gamers want so we end up not buying their products or wait till their products are at a price that we feel is reasonable. This is naturally before you take into account all the drm bull and shady practices that developers pull.

The software industry is digging it's own grave as far as I am concerned. A good example is Mafia 2. I loved the first Mafia, bought it day 1 when it came out on the PC all them years ago. I was primed to buy Mafia 2 on release but now with the exclusive content bull and DLC I have decided the game no longer warrants a full price and I will pick it up when it is on sale. No doubt my lost sale will be attributed to piracy as well even though I have no intention of pirating the game.

Saryk3642d ago

PC pirating is a simple problem with a simple solution.

In my opinion there are different type’s of pirates.

Unsure Pirates- these pirates want to be 100% sure if the game is worth the cash. If the game is awesome, then they will buy it.

Pissed off Pirates- these pirates are pissed at the company because that new DRM was made to be broke, AKA Spore syndrome……….

Poor Pirates- these pirates can’t afford their PC or internet connection, much less a new game coming out every week. If the developers could or would make their game segmented (broken into pieces) and customers allowed to buy parts of the game, poor people would not pirate, IMHO.

Asshole Pirates- not to be confused with butt pirates. These pirates will pirate anything and everything because they want to and they can. If the game was AAA and $1.00, they would still pirate it, just because.

The solution is to make a short version of the game, sell it cheap. Each section after is X amount that eventually will create a full version. Make it available at launch, not after when players are waiting.

edoman203642d ago

Blizzard is doing that in latin america with Starcraft 2.

For like $20 US they are selling the game with the full SP campaign and 6 month of MP with the posibility to extend it for unlimited time when the period is finished

The full game where i live will be like $85 so i think that for $20 it will sell like hotcackes, and its showing that everytime i see the online stores

Howrever ill wait for the method of obtaining the unlimited MP and make my desition for the full game or the "cut" version

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