6 game heroes who are actually massive dicks

GamesRadar: First impressions can be deceptive. Most people know that Braid and Shadow of the Colossus’ stars are secretly batting for team evil. But often average Jack Freedom with his square jaw, haircut you can set your watch by and heroic one liners is also hiding a dark past of indiscretion.

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SeanRL3640d ago

Agree with everyone on the list except for drake, he shot the pirates because they were shooting at him.

LtSkittles3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

Also, doesn't he just knock the security guards out?

@Below yeah.

Godmars2903640d ago

Yeah, and he was only knocking out guards when he hit the museum.

Aside from the few he threw of roofs of course...

-Mezzo-3640d ago

Well, if you look it that way, then every protagonist is an [email protected]@.

SpaceSquirrel3640d ago

Well, they are killers after all...

Valay3640d ago

Pffft, don't agree with the Nathan Drake listing.

Godmars2903640d ago

Actually, who other than ND drags a wounded guy half through a level?

Steve0073640d ago

YUP, he should be here on the list.

PaPa-Slam3640d ago

i personally like Drake and wouldn't like him here on this list.