Lethal Bunnies Guide: Modern Warfare 2 Class Setups (Multiplayer)

For those who don't know I play Modern Warfare 2 a fair bit. It's pretty damn addicting. I know you guys out there play it, so lucky for you I’m gonna show you some kick-ass loadouts and a few personal favorites. These range from stealth to run and gun, precision to spray and pray, camping to pissing people off with noobtubes and RPGs . I mean professional gaming loadouts.

Be prepared. Take a deep breath. Now click "continue reading" below.

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NothingToGainButLove3643d ago

What does it matter... just use noob tubes and a thumper *rolls eyes*
MW2's online is pretty sad honestly.

jdktech20103643d ago

It's actually gotten a bit better as far as's still a fun diversion from Halo 3 and BC2 as far as I'm concerned...Hate it all you want but it still has some entertaining qualities for some of us

jagstatboy3643d ago

yes, I still enjoy it. Squad-based, teamwork style shooters are good too but sometimes it's fun to run and gun arcade style.

EliteAssassin813643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Damn, he must really hate UAVs since he mostly uses cold blooded. If they would remove tactical spawn from free for all I would play this game again, since thats my favorite game mode. But as is, free for all is unplayable with all the boosting, even bare bones without the kill streaks.

Brandonpop3643d ago

Cold-Blooded doesnt allow air support to see you as well, I see alot of people without cold-blooded rush out of buildings and getting team-mates killed with cold-blooded. Its pretty annoying actually.

BuIIetproofish_3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

When I played:

ACR Silencer
Scavenger Pro
Cold-Blooded Pro
Ninja Pro

UMP Silencer
PP2000 Silencer
Tactical Respawn
Marathon Pro
Lightweight Pro
Ninja Pro

TAR-21 Grenade Launcher
One Man Army Pro
Danger Close Pro
Sit Rep Pro

UMP Extended Mag
Magnum Tactical Knife
Marathon Pro
Lightweight Pro
Commando Pro

Barret 50 Thermal/FMJ
M93R Akimbo/silencer
Throwing Knife
Bling Pro
Stopping Power Pro
Steady Aim Pro

Chopper Gunner

3643d ago
r1sh123643d ago

this article is terrible...