Pads & Panels: LIMBO Review

It’s hard not to be drawn in by LIMBO’s art style. The entire game is completely grayscale, hauntingly so. The main character is a boy, who is only seen as a silhouette with glowing white eyes. There is no dialogue, no narration and no story of which to speak. Apparently the boy is in Limbo, searching desperately for his sister, but gamers only know that from the title and XBLA description, no clear indicators of that are present in the game except the boy occasionally sees flashes of a young girl ... But whether it’s a video game worth 1200 Microsoft Points ($15) is another question entirely.

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bacano3649d ago

There's always sites like this one: When everyone give thumbs up, they say "something different" just to get visitors.

I'm definitely picking Limbo.

Chuk53649d ago

I will never trust anything they review ever.