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Sharp Unveils 100GB Blu-ray Disc

Sharp recently announced that it will be the first Blu-ray disc maker to launch a recordable triple layer Blu-ray format with 100GB of storage capacity--twice the capacity of current Blu-ray discs.

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Community3668d ago
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Hellsvacancy3668d ago

Do u think 100GBs would b enough 4 Hideo Kojima?

Forbidden_Darkness3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

No, if Kojima had all the time and money to make the game of his dreams, that wouldn't be enough still.

Chubear3668d ago

imagine the gaming quality that could be crammed into that thing. Woah!

PS4: THREE updated, current gen Cell processors all with 10 working SPUs and 1tera Blu-ray disc from launch.... *head explodes*

zootang3668d ago

We need developers to make use of the 50gb before we start talking about a 100gb. How many non exclusives use a full 50gb?

dkblackhawk503668d ago

OF course the third party titles don't utilize the 50GB...

Montrealien3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

I think the more important question is how many games actually need the 50gb. Don`t get me wrong, many games use is for better quality videos and soundfiles and I like that, however I don`t see many games actually needing that much space to be more innovative and good. One of the best games this Gen is Uncharted 2 and that took a full 25gb disc and was a an amazing 10-12 hour experience, what would 100gb let us do? A longer 46-48 hour experience? I guess that does sound cool, lol

@zootang, yeah, that does sound cool, hehe. I aint hating on blu ray, but great games are not fully dependant on storage space, but I can`t deny that it does help.


[email protected] HD movies, too funny.

rockleex3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Bluray won't be going away anytime soon.

It will even be enough for full Ultra HD movies... maybe. :P

Bluray will last up to at least 15 years.

zootang3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )


Just think of the RPG's

Focker-4203668d ago


God of War 3 used up 44gb just so you know.

AAACE53668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Exactly! Developers aren't usung up the 50 Gb yet, so I don't think they are ready for 100 Gb! As good as Uncharted 2 looked, it was on a 25 Gb BRD! So the 50 Gb disc still have a lot of space to be used.

Also keep in mind what you are asking... because the more work a developer puts into a game, the more money they will try to get back from it! Don't rush things.

darthv723668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

sharp has a player/recorder that meets the bdxl format. I know the ps3 could handle higher capacity blu discs but it is more of the amount of storage per layer. Bluray as it is can have multiple layers for data. For the ps3 to use higher capacities, the amount per layer would need to remain consistent.

Meaning if a single layer is 25gb then each layer needs to be the same amount. Dual layer 50gb discs are supported and there is the possibility of quad layer 100gb. This sharp created one however uses 3 layers which breaks down to 33.33gb. A single layer capacitance the ps3 laser is not designed to read.

Not sure if a fw update would fix that but it almost looks like another format in the blu family. One that increases the amount of data per layer thus emilinating the use of multiple layers to achieve the same capacity.

Ironicly, hddvd was 15gb and blu was 25gb. Both were coined from the same idea of using a blue laser to read higher capacity layers. Blu used a slightly different wavelength to read higher capacity layers. This new BDXL is no different in that same scenario. It offers higher capacity per layer than the current blu format.

While this is great news for higher capacity discs it really has nothing to do with sony and the ps3. Sony will continue to produce their 4 layer 100gb discs at a later point in time. Those we know will work (according to sony).

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Inside_out3668d ago ShowReplies(16)
nickjkl3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

looks like costs are down enough to launch the 100gb discs

time will tell when they launch the 500gb blu ray disc


and the 1tb blu ray disc

i hope technology speeds up enough for this to be current

1tb is capable of holding all ps3 exclusives on one disc

it might be big enough to hold most of the ps2 collection on one disc

Reibooi3668d ago

Would love to see these size discs and the drives you need to write them become available and be a little cheaper. They are a nice way to back up a crap load of data and I think it's safer then a Hard drive as it can't crash and what not. However right now it's a bit to expensive for the every day consumer.

On the gaming front I can think of alot of ways this would help games but again unless all the future consoles use it we won't see much benefit as only the Sony Exclusives will take advantage. That said I don't think this will be used in the Next gen. It will more then likely be Blu-ray but not this kind. The article mentions these discs are gonna cost 50-60 dollars a piece and that's a crap load of money considering how expensive games already are right now. We could end up paying 100 bucks a game if not more unless they make these tech ALOT cheaper in the next 3-4 years.

Focker-4203668d ago

If the game was 50 hours long with best graphics ever I'd pay that. People pay that much for a collectors edition that comes with a figurine and an artbook. I'd much rather more game.

Sano643668d ago

Dont forget 3D uses twice the video data as non 3D. I would not be suprised if the Avatar sequal uses one of these when it comes out on Blu-ray 3D

Darkstorn3668d ago

Well, I think Sony's going to definitely have Blu-ray capabilities for the PS4. Best of all, that means it would most likely be backwards compatible with the PS3!

vsr3667d ago

John Car-mack told that uncompressed RAGE data is 1TB. So in future we can expect 1TB bluray to play some uncompressed games.

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theonlylolking3668d ago

That is what I am talking about! Downloading full games just wont happen for a while if they keep getting blu-ray disks bigger.

TheLeprachaun3668d ago

If cloud computing takes off, it won't matter either way.

Forbidden_Darkness3668d ago

Ugh, dont say that, i want my discs, not a download :(

nickjkl3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

cloud computing is not taking off

the only thing taking off is quantum computing

basically using atoms to process data thats the future

Richard Cypher3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

You clearly don't have a clue about what cloud computing is in real life (not in ibm advertising :P). Moreover, if you are speaking about data storage in "the cloud", it clearly doesn't have any relation with data storage in consoles due to several network & infrastructure restrictions.

PotNoodle3668d ago


Explain, i'm curious.

Reibooi3668d ago

Download is never gonna take over in my opinion. There are far to many things working against it. Not the least of which is how horribly slow the US is in terms of overall internet speed and what not(Japan and Korea can download full 1080P Blu-ray movies in about 3-4 minutes and it takes us 10x longer to download a NON HD movie half the length)

On top of that we have US ISP's thinking about charging people for using more bandwidth which is exactly what we would be doing if we were expected to download all our games and movies. Imagine having no other option but to download and doing so would jack up your internet bill by like 200 bucks a month. Sound fun? No didn't think so.

Oh and then there is of course the countless surveys and studies showing that consumers don't like download only and prefer disc based media(or media in general should we ever happen to move past disc's)

What companies like MS need to understand is that just because Music has become a primarily download based model doesn't mean that same model would work for games. People only want download only when it's quick easy and simple. Which is why smaller indie games seem to do okay as download only titles but full blown huge games don't.

silvacrest3668d ago

i think it will change drastically within 5 years, more and more countries are realizing super fast broadband is the future, its just a matter of time

although because of rural areas it wont really be world wide which means discs will always have a place

catguykyou3668d ago

I personally agree but unfortunately, I wouldn't argue that point.

The game industry will end up like the music industry and where the movie industry is heading. Digital media is the future (unfortunately).

There is something exciting about knowing that when you wake up in the morning, your game will be available and you can just hop up, turn on, and download. Companies will probably do what Steam does where you pre-install the game before it comes out so you don't have to wait for the download. Then on day one, you get a patch that adds any last minute changes and unlocks the game.

TheLeprachaun3668d ago

Yes restrictions which will be overcome as broadband becomes faster and cheaper. We're talking about the future, not right now. So I don't see why you're talking about present day restrictions on a technology that will be utilized in the future for, amongst other things, video games.

Reibooi3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )


Honestly I don't know if that's gonna happen. In most of the places in the world that have really fast web access it's because the government made the companies do that.

Something similar is beginning to happen in the US however what they want is LOW end broadband and it's not expected to be finished until like 5 years from now.(assuming the bill even passes for that matter)

The US government seems perfectly content on letting the US ISP's fight over stupid things instead of trying to advance our internet capabilities. As long as that is the case we are never gonna see the incredibly fast speeds other places in the world get.

In Japan they get speeds nearly 50x faster then us and the most they pay is around 14$ US each month. Where as the fastest you can get in the US is probably a fifth of that and will cost you up to 200$ a month. What this means is that most companies in the US have the capability to provide the speeds seen elsewhere in the world but they don't have the incentive to make a affordable mainstream option which is where the government needs to step in.

silvacrest3667d ago

well, im in the UK and the government as well as the biggest ISP are rolling out fibre optic broadband and expect to get 66% of the country by 2012, the UK is tiny in terms of land size compared to the US so its little wonder why it could take them 5+ years

also a few ISP in the UK offer true unlimited broadband, im only now starting to realize how rare this is around the world, plus its dirt cheap, im only paying £13, even with fibre optic broadband coming it will only be £20+

anyway, after saying all of this i agree with you, unless the government and ISP work together in rolling out super fast internet as well as it being uncapped then it will probably take more then 5 years for most countries and the services still wont compare

Reibooi3667d ago


Your lucky ; ;

As I said while the US has a similar plan to the UK it's going to take a much longer period of time and last I knew they were trying to roll out low end broadband and not fiber optic like they should which is not only stupid but a massive waste of tax payers money.

The main reason behind this is because the ISP's in the US love to fight over who has the best deals and what not and Fiber Optic is where that battle is gonna be fought for them and the Government doesn't seem to care at this point which is sad because all they will be doing is wasting a massive amount of money with their broad band plan.

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Eiffel3668d ago

Depending on a persons download speed, physical memory will always exist. I have DSL, I'm thankful for physical memory.

Nihilism3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

I have variable speed wireless, I thank our non existent lord daily for the availability of physical media.

GodsHand3668d ago

Disc Rot, imagine that on this expensive disk.

catguykyou3668d ago

Yep, which is another reason digital downloads will eventually take over (maybe as not the only option, but the main). Physical media is not permanent. Disks have about a 10 year life span. Hard drives have about a 15 year span (disk platters). Ill be a sad panda when I am not able to pop in some of my old PS1 games and not have them play despite lack of scratches and such.

Plus it is the only way game companies can really fight against the loss of profit from used game markets without upping costs.

Zinc3668d ago

Downloading extremely large files that are in the 50GB range or more is going to be difficult when you have major ISPs capping your bandwidth at an arbitrary number. Like Comcast at 250GB a month. They want to sell you faster and faster internet speeds, but then balk when you use them. Considering the range of options and the larger and larger field of data that is being supplied to us as end-users; this practice seems rather untenable to the marketplace. Especially, considering this method of data transmission is becoming like a second nature to us by and large.

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Apotheosize3668d ago

thats like../calculator


SillySundae3668d ago

.. only thing is ... IT'S NOT.

The calculator does not give you contents through its main memory.

Fel083668d ago

All right. Imagine Uncharted 3 in that disc.

PS360PCROCKS3668d ago

maybe on pS4 :) When the textures are even larger. on PS3 that would be some seriously long gameplay haha like 30 hours+

wazzim3668d ago

*Looks at RPG's* Yeah, they don't need 100GB.

There is a point were so much space isn't needed for just game data but for streaming too, that's why the PS3 has a advantage when it only needs to stream data. Everything that normally would be packaged in the ram can be directly streamed to the VRAM and SPU's.

PS360PCROCKS3668d ago

haha ya true, ok 100+ hours lol

PS360PCROCKS3668d ago

know the sound when the clouds split and heaven is shown "haaaaaaaaaaa" that's what i heard in my head upon reading this title! 100GB?! Dayummmmmm!!! I can fit so much schoolwork, pictures, files etc and literally have 5 disks just chilling there, awesome for backups and tax info, anything!