Exclusive Two Worlds 2 shots show full details PC graphics

PC Games had the opportunity to play the most actual version of Two Worlds 2. The RPG was played on a PC with Intel Core 2 Quad CPU (Q6700 @2.66 GHz), GeForce GTX 295 graphics card, 4 GB RAM and 64 Bit Windows Vista. The screenshots show several areas of the game as well as mini games and the hero fighting Zombies and other creatures. PC Games claims that all screenshots are hand made and not retouched.

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Poseidon3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

not bad... certainly not the best ive seen.

callahan093647d ago

Looks decent. I hope the game turns out fun and bug-free. I never played the original. Some people swear by its awesomeness, others hated it and said it was too buggy. I guess I'll just wait for this one and if it gets a better all-around reception I'll pick it up.

RyuDrinksTheDew3646d ago

looks pretty sharp, very nice.

in all honesty, im gonna get it even if it scores like a 7. i love action RPGs.

i need more of them!!!