PlayStation Move: Hands-On With Every Launch Title

NowGamer brings you every swipe, thrust, and swing from Sony's launch lineup of motion control titles...

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Mr_Bun3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

I was expecting more than 4 paragraphs to describe all the titles. It is more of a list than anything else

@ jimmins

Doh....thanks. It's still early here

3636d ago
jimmins3636d ago

...for a proper preview of each title

TEFL0N_D0N_813636d ago

"...but were already becoming wary of games retroactively recieving Move implemntation as we've found they simply aren't proof of concept. If Sony is to avoid replicating the glut of weak third-party titles that currently clog the Wii market, the publisher will have to ensure it opts for games built from the ground up with the control method firmly in mind."

That excerpt is a good summary. But it's great news that there isn't any malfunction to the Move itself. I do agree though, it's better to design a game from ground-up using the Move scheme.

Dazel3636d ago

lol! what a waste of a page load.

kanedaakira3636d ago

Hustle Kings looks great fun !!