EMEAA Weekly Chart July 17th

X360 200,322 (+412%) 16,030,40 6
DS 116,011 (-4%) 53,232,181
Wii 63,942 (-1%) 28,034,067
PS3 56,951 (+1%) 16,333,125
PSP 34,076 (-5%) 24,593,729
PS2 20,060 (-5%) 61,276,833
Total 491,362 (+45%)

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Omega43645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Wow only a single day of slim sales caused the 360 to outsell the PS3 4:1 in EU. WOW.

360S it only does Europe lol.

360 will be No.1 WW this week it seems, even above the DS, just imagine the impact of the 4GB $199 Slim :S

Edit: Wow the 360S did better in the EU than US too, MS is on a roll now.

Price cut was weeks ago in EU, this is all Slim sales

Chris3993645d ago

than the PS3 or Wii. All that we have here is old owners rebuying Slims. The software sales speak for themselves. If that was 200K brand new owners, why are they not buying any more games? At least if you're going to play "sales" and "numbers", look at all the facts.

Aquanox3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

I has begun. The Xbox 360 S has been a smash hit in Europe and the US and will cotinue to sell with Halo Reach and Kinect. This is probably the best hardware revision for a console I can recall - infinitely better design + new features - and with the mass media marketing Kinect is receiving I wouldn't be surprised if the 360 starts reaching stable Wii levels of sales in November.

Edit: By the way, if sales keep this high, the Xbox 360 should outsell the PS3 in Europe (Life to Date) very shortly:

X360 198,071 (+329%) 16,043,691
PS3 56,951 (+1%) 16,333,125

Only 300k of difference. I actually thought the PS3 Slim had a bigger impact in Europe.

Cold 20003645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

First of all: The world =/= The universe !! ^^

DAMN!!!!! 360 giving out some serious ownage right there !

X360 200,322 (+412%)
PS3 56,951 (+1%)

360 FTW! Lol.

nickjkl3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

X360 200,322 (+412%) 16,030,406

PS3 56,951 (+1%) 16,333,125

im guessing all those people with rrod are buying new 360s to replace the old ones watch when microoft releases xbox live numbers the numbers will be the same they were 2 years ago

also and now 360 fans like vgchartz

3645d ago
logikil3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )


And so what if it is people replacing their old systems with the new design? The same thing happened when the Slim PS3 released. It happens whenever there is a console redesign and trying to bring it up as a negative is stupid. It doesn't blunt the fact that at least according to VGChartz numbers, the 360 is pushing back towards even with the PS3. This should not be discounted considering that EMEA is a big Sony stronghold. I don't know that these numbers will stay consistent or not, but if they do EMEA will be an interesting battle for Sony and MS.

What I do find interesting is that depending on which way the VGChartz winds are blowing you will get a different response from the fanboys. If the PS3 grabs a lead, 360 fanboys claim VGC is crap data. If 360 grabs a larger share, the PS3 fanboys cry foul. The fact is that VGC is about the only thing that there is to look at for numbers outside of Media Create and NPD. EMEA will always be a best guess because the GFK Chart-track numbers are proprietary when it comes to console sales. How good or bad a company is doing in sales will only ever be a known quantity for real when quarterly and fiscal year financials are released.


Dear lord, they fell for a new system with more features for the same price??? Perish the thought. And those that bought the Arcade or Elite bundles fell for a great console with a huge library of games for less?? How is that possible?? Sad little fanboy.

zootang3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Well done Xbox! If it hadn't of managed to make those sales, who knows what the future would have held for the Xbox brand.

AtatakaiSamurai3645d ago

you fall for the same smoke n' mirrors every single time lol

captain-obvious3645d ago

soon it'll all be back to normal
just like when the PS3 slim first came out

and I like how xbox fanboys just ignore this fact
while this was the only thing they were saying about the PS3slim


Rush3645d ago

For you since you seem to be struggling with the term fact:


Anon19743645d ago

Anyone else notice that the PS3's numbers on VGChartz are exactly what Sony's official number showed they were, 3 1/2 months ago?

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo report official sales at the end of the month. I'd wait for the real numbers instead of using a site that either thinks it doesn't have to adjust it's figures when official data is available, or that the PS3 hasn't sold any consoles in the last 3 months. Either way - there is no excuse for their estimates to be off this bad and to me that draws into question the rest of their estimates.

Bigpappy3645d ago

UP 400% in less than a week. I didn't expect people to react this way to a re-design 360. M$ must be loving this re-action right before holiday season.

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Christopher3645d ago

Actually, Omega4, it's not 'day 1 sales' but mostly pre-orders. This is the largest surge of sales for any new release.

But, as expected, new models always fuel sales. Microsoft's new box looks very sleek and is a good answer to the PS3 slim.

logikil3645d ago

Agreed, but the only way to fly is with both side by side. They look good on my entertainment center :).

Rush3645d ago

Looks like the 360 will be taking Europe back in the coming weeks, Ah well it keeps things interesting and keeps Sony and Microsoft on there game I guess.

Btw what's with all the nerd rage above there just circuit boards in a plastic box chill.

logikil3645d ago

It's not nerd rage, it's fanboi histeria. They all need to take some video game prozac.

KratosGod33645d ago

now u can go suc*k M$ And Xbox D**Cs!
and u win.

OneSneakyMofo3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Two months ago:

Xbox 360 fan: "Who trusts VGChartz?"
PS3 fan: "VGChartz is the way to go."

Xbox 360 fan: "VGChartz is the way to go."
PS3 fan: "Who trusts VGChartz?"

Xbox 360 fan in general: "Sales, sales, sales"

logikil3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

You were right up to this point:

Xbox 360 fan in general: "Sales, sales, sales"

Here is the corrected version:

Xbox360 and PS3 Fanbois in general: "Sales, sales, sales"

What the hell ever happend to the fanboy arguments from back in the day. Super Nes is better than Genesis, they got Mario Zelda and Metroid. Genesis is better they got Sonic, Strider and Phantasy Star. Street Fighter SNES is better, the graphics and sound destroy the Genesis version. Nope, Genesis has the Champion Edition and its Faster and kicks ass with the six button game pad. MK SNES has way better graphics and sound, listen to that crushing uppercut. Genesis got blood and fatalities.

Still the battle of the fans, but shit at least back then they cared about GAMES not retarded ass sales numbers.

OneSneakyMofo3645d ago

Honestly, PS3 fans from what I've seen here on N4G do not care about sales as much. They just rub it in the faces of the 360 fans.

I don't care as long as I get to play games that are fun. Sales are stupid.

Case in point: Gamecube was third place last generation; however, it made the most profit of the three consoles because it was produced with a $20 profit at the beginning. Sony and Microsoft's consoles were not.

poopface13645d ago

thats all I see in here is a bunch of ps3rd crybabies. WHAAAAA but but but...

With all the tears and spinning going on here, its like a washing machine.

tinybigman3645d ago

Those who live for the sales can rejoice and sleep better tonight.

Question for those who live for the sales do you really think any of these 3 companies will be leaving the industry anytime soon?

Also do you guys get a cut of th sales or does it all just go to billie gates?

xgodofwar4sss3645d ago

this is not u.s.a these numbers dont count

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Karooo3645d ago

sales? what are you paid to post here.

Its a new hardware and price drop was expected.

Counter Strike3645d ago

HuGe numbers for 360 !

But but but Europe =/= World...

kws10653645d ago

I mean...Pro. No! I mean Elite...

Maybe all of the above.

Poseidon3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

so all of this time that the ps3 was outselling the 360 means nothing since the xbox360 s is selling "as much" as the ps3 right now worldwide, not outselling, due to the slim, which im certain will die out soon. look at japan, the 360 numbers are pathetic there, so everything evens out worldwide. and counterstrike, take the goggles off. omega...i dont know what to must be getting paid because you sure are a busy person "ensuring" your possee of fanboys your "correct". has been outselling the 360 for a long time, but you are way to blinded to realize this.

1.360 had a headstart a whole year ahead of ps3 in america, one year and 6 months in europe.

2. the lead between the 360 was 8-9 million.

3. in 3 years the lead 4-5 million.

who is outselling who?

3645d ago
OC_MurphysLaw3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

So I do agree with some of your points but have some counter points too.

1) No doubt the 360 had a year head start and gave them a nice cushion. That was their plan as they new the Sony brand was well established and had a loyal following. A year head start would help them...and it has.

2) Sony definitely has been selling well on its PS3 platform in no small part thanks to the price drop to $299 and the introduction of their slim model. Many would argue the price drop was more important for them.

3) In 3 years teh lead is 4-5 million. Yes, this is true. But really the length of time is more like 3 1/2 years since the PS3 launched in Holiday 2006.

4) While the lead has narrowed.... it is still there.

5) 2010 Is now looking like it will be a similar year to 2008 in which we saw the sales gap between the two consoles hardly move. In fact many may now argue that we could see the 360 gain some of that lead back if these sales figures continue. Likely though we will see it stay the same 4-5 million.

6) For a console going into its 5th year, the 360 sales are very strong which is a huge feather in Microsofts cap considering all the troubles they had with the RROD issues. I mean really, you have to appreciate how well they have done inspite of a defect that would have killed off most platforms.

So.... paint it how you want, but this new version of the 360 coupled with price drops and new sku's for the arcade on the horrizon puts MS in a very good position going thru it's 5th year and into its 6th.

Ju3645d ago

3) In 3 years teh lead is 4-5 million. Yes, this is true. But really the length of time is more like 3 1/2 years since the PS3 launched in Holiday 2006.

4) While the lead has narrowed.... it is still there.

re 3) The PS3 launched in Spring 2007 in Europe. 1 1/2 years after the 360

re 4) The lead in Europe is gone (incl. those 1 1/2 years)

Note: This article refers to EMEAA numbers.

Spenok3645d ago

They mean the price drop on the older models so they can be cleared out of the stores to make room for the new model. The Arcade was dropped to $150. And at wallmart if you bought an arcade you got a $50 giftcard. So technically there was a price drop, a temp one at least.

stonecold13645d ago

and sackgirl they are vgcharts. they arent a reliable source i would rather wait for the real results from either of the 3 big companys

Counter Strike3645d ago

Americas + EMEAA =/= World... Japan = World!

wazzim3645d ago

No man, wait till we get the great PS3 African sales.
Because like we all know:

OC_MurphysLaw3645d ago

India = World. You can tell the success of your console based on the sales it has in India.

OR... you can also tell the success of the console by how many knock-offs of your box come out of China.

cliffbo3645d ago

what are you guys on about. it's always the PS3 that reminds 360 owners that America isn't the world. we PS3 owners have always and will always take EVERY territory into consideration. look at you all now. it was America this and America that and then suddenly, for the first time in nearly TWO YEARS, the 360 beat the PS3 in Europe and suddenly Europe is relevant

now who is pathetic?

wazzim3645d ago

Wait how do you PS3 fans do that? Oh yeah,

Nah just joking, it's just good to see the 360 have a nice boost you know, to keep the competition alive :)

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