eMove Ups The Motion Control Game

Down at the University of Sussex, a merry band of seven individuals are working in partnership with Animazoo, a motion capture company, to create eMove (placeholder name) – a “revolutionary Mocapsuit that captures full upper-body motion in real-time and offers consumers unparalleled intuitive, engaging gameplay.”

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Conloles3641d ago

I thought Kinect captured your body /s

Chris_TC3641d ago

Kinect is a very simplistic system that attempts to track the body based on a silhouette. It can only track very rough motion, and even that is bound to produce frequent glitches.

The eMove rig sounds more like a traditional motion capture system which allows for much more accurate tracking results.

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Spenok3641d ago

Yeah but it will stay pretty expensive for a while most likely. Not to mention a lack of games. This does sound interesting however.

RealityCheck3641d ago

too expensive, too complicated, no major exclusive content; it's basically just good as an academic project

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