Why Sony mandates 720p for PS3 3D

Eurogamer: "Interesting reports from Develop last week say that Sony is mandating 720p for all 3D titles, even though Blu-ray 3D movies will all use the full 1080p capabilities of the spec. The question is, why?"

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forcefullpower3649d ago

This guys has not got a clue about HDMI resolutions. I think he needs to go over to avforums and a read a few threads on how it all works.

kharma453648d ago

AVForums ftw! Great site!

vsr3648d ago

Most people are still playing wii, xbox with SDTV. Sony are waiting for them.

DJMarty3649d ago

This article has it wrong, 1080P 24FPS has always been a Blu-ray movie mode whether 2d or 3D, never been for games. Reason games are 720P is because 3D requires two images per frame to be generated. PS3 is still pushing alot of pixels. also PS3 supports 1.3(upgradeable to 1.4 HDMI). Something the 360 only dream of with it's shit 1.2 HDMI(non upgradeable).

kharma453648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

You can't upgrade HDMI 1.3 to 1.4, it requires new hardware in the shape of a new HDMI chip, not a software update.

JustTheFactsMr3648d ago

Half-right. You can upgrade the software portions like he frame-packing required to support 3D. 1.3 has the equivalent bandwidth so it works just fine.

jjesso19933648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

the reason PS3 can do 3D and any blu ray player with 1.3 because the bandwidth did not change on 1.4 the changes where the maximum resolution of HDMi to 4096*2160 and frame packing these can upgraded with an update.

so it has all features of hdmi 1.4 minus the ethernet channel and the 4k × 2k Resolution Support lets just call this hdmi 3.5 the fact it can do 3d and cant wait for new 3d tv arrives later today.

kharma453648d ago

Whilst bandwidth may still be the same, the software update still doesn't just magically turn HDMI 1.3 into 1.4, it's still v1.3.

Ju3648d ago

Read what the guys said above. It supports a subset of 1.4.

That subset is all what's needed to show a 3D image on new 3DTVs. That all that matters. Call it 1.35, call it 1.3+, call it 1.3D or whatever.

DJMarty3648d ago

You will find that PS3 3D firmware update made it's 1.3 HDMI(1.4 3D compilant). Point I was making 360's 1.2 HDMI(isn't 1.3 or 1.4 compilant) due to having half the bandwidth.

likedamaster3648d ago

Also, HDMI 1.3a-c can never do 1080p 3D in games just 1080i. Still not bad, imo.

Spenok3648d ago

Thats what i told people with the 360 when they "magicly" added an HDMI port and did a software update to bring 1080p to it. But no one seems to know that.

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DaTruth3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

He's comparing displaying a 1080p video to rendering a 1080p game. Some people shouldn't write about some stuff!

Ju3648d ago

He does not. He simply talks about HDMI 3D specifications (which I have no clue if he's right or wrong). His argument is, that a 3D HDMI signal is limited to 24Hz in 1080p mode. This can well be true.

No matter how you render a game, if they want to run 1080 those games need to be output at [email protected] No game does that simply because 30FPS (with a slight dip) is the minimum for gaming.

Either they relax the whole 1080-frequency thing to allow 1080 @ 30/60 Hz, or it's pointless for gaming.

I am wondering, why 720p is "open". Obviously there is a "game" mode in 720...

Neko_Mega3648d ago

The way I see it, 1080p takes more room to do then 720p and thing of it this way. Not to many people have a 1080p tv or even a HDTV.

So why go 1080p if the people that buy them aren't going to see it at 1080p.

kneon3648d ago

The last numbers I saw showed that over 65% of US homes had at least one HDTV. And if you've bought one over 32 inches in the last year then it's probably 1080p. Typically only the smallest TVs use 720p now.

Neko_Mega3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

65% of US doesn't mean jack, Sony doesn't think small, until 80% worldwide has a HDTV. Their is not point in doing it.

Simple as that.

P.S. Last I check true 1080p could only be done on a tv 40inchs or bigger (Going by Sony).

jjesso19933648d ago

my Samsung Syncmaster that am using now for my pc is 24'' and is 1080P the size of the screen does not effect the resolution you just have been sat near to screen thats smaller. saying 32'' screens can't do 1080 is stupid.

Ju3648d ago

Currently there is pretty much nothing available any more which doesn't do full 1080p. Even the small(er) TVs are phased out and replaced by 1080 sets. I got a 37" Vizio 1080p.

kneon3648d ago

what?? Sony would be over the moon if 80% of the world population had an HDTV. But we are far away from that, I doubt whether even half the world population have a TV of any kind.

As for 1080p not being possible on a small screen, that's just wrong. There are LCDs with a pixel density over 2000ppi. So you could make a 1080p display only about an inch across if you wanted to. It's just that 1080p isn't worthwhile on TVs much smaller than 40 inches unless you're going to be sitting unusually close to the TV.

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ChickeyCantor3648d ago

Games wont even run in 1080P, especially not in "3D".

Heisenberg3648d ago

What the hell are you talking about, guy?

TheMART3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

I'm pretty sure Motorstorm 2 In 3D is sub HD....

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