5-10% of James Blond: Blood Stone to be driving

James Bond 007: Blood Stone's producer Nick Davies has told GamerZines that only 5-10% of the upcoming Bond game will consist of driving sections, with the rest split up between 'espionage' and third-person combat.

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Quagmire3641d ago

here's to hoping this is next year's Transformers WTC or Arkham Asylum.

morganfell3641d ago

Hopes are high. As long as driving portions do not feature AI drivers that are T1000s and whose cars defy physics.

DigitalRaptor3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

It's looking promising!

GAM3R3641d ago

it's releasing at the end of this year

Quagmire3641d ago

well...same thing, i know i wont be picking it up this year, still got heaps of games to play left

Huarle3641d ago

James Blond huh
Guess they are talking about a different game then

LeonSKennedy4Life3641d ago

I'll hold out for James Brunette...

Quagmire3641d ago

LMFAO, i just noticed that now

RadientFlux3641d ago

With Bizarre Creations being the developer you would think that driving would play a bigger part in the game.

I was hoping for more espionage (more than 10-20%), as most James Bond games focus on shooting and it would be a nice play a more stealthy James Bond.

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