Kane & Lynch 2 PS3 Plus demo today

Today, PlayStation Plus subscribers will be treated to an automatic demo of Kane & Lynch 2.

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HarryM3103d ago

That the demo would only be available to Playstation + subscribers..

ClownBelt3103d ago

Most likely or it would be available for normal users for a couple of weeks later.

vicheous3103d ago

It's on + today and on the regular store update for the others...

Winter47th3103d ago

*Reads title*
*Reads discription*
God dammit man first it was exclusive to a select few on Live and now it's exclusive to PSN+ I remember the day when demo's were meant to promote the product not shaft us out.

Well good for PSN+ members and shit out'a luck for the rest of us.

Rainstorm813103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

I remember when you didnt get demos at all.... and when it started you still couldnt get one, not with out buying something (magazine or another game)

Now that i think of it, Did the demo disc start with PS1??

Winter47th3103d ago

They go back to the PS1 era, from mags to RE2's demo that comes with RE: Director's cut.
It used to be a mean to spread the word and let your friends see how good the game is, but now, it just doesn't make any sense.

FragMnTagM3102d ago

Gold members just get them earlier. Same goes for PS3, but there are way more games that have demos on the 360.

MaximusPrime3103d ago

its available for PS+ members today. the demo will be released to public on psn store in couple of days.

talltony3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

If their was no ps+ everyone would get the demo at the same time.

orange-skittle3102d ago

What do you expect for FREE? You think people that live in crappy neighborhoods should have the same as people that live in upscale neighborhoods? People pay a premium in those upscale neighborhoods like higher taxes, association fees, and luxury tax. The poor neighborhoods don't want to pay shit, so they get what they pay for. You cheap SOB's always want something for nothing. Deal with it.

talltony3101d ago

The only one who is crying is you. DOnt call me cheap because i think ps+ is a rip off. I cant stand people who cant take others peoples opinion without dissing them. Go SOB on another website you lame.

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Quagmire3103d ago

Dont have PSN+, dont insist in playing K&L2. So what exactly am i doing here?

RememberThe3573103d ago

But I saw a Giant Bomb Quick Look of this demo and it seemed pretty fun. I don't know about the online (it looked kind of lame) but the campaign demo looked pretty good.

Darkstorn3103d ago

So for us normal PSN members will we get the demo on Tuesday?

BeaArthur3103d ago

I have a feeling it might be next week. Sony is obviously going to try and shove this down our throats by now having everything come early to PSN+. It would make the process irrelevant if they gave it to the rest of us the next day. I could be wrong since the game is coming out in a couple of weeks but I don't think the rest of us will see it tomorrow.

FragMnTagM3102d ago

It is quite obvious that a large number of people here comment solely on the article titles and maybe the short description under the title. IF YOU WOULD HAVE READ THE DAMN THING, you would know that it comes out Wednesday for non PS+ members.

I have had PS+ since day one and it is worth the price.

Spenok3102d ago

Unfortunatly thats N4G for ya.

04soldier3103d ago

This is kinda cool..But I have a feeling I'll be erasing this off my hdd after about 5mins.. The first Kane and Lynch was below average.....

Silly gameAr3103d ago

So this is the first push demo? I'll give it a shot. Why not?

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