Editorial: The Great Holiday Shooter Backlash of 2010

Choice is a blessing and a curse. The burden of indecision is one that ultimately topples entire games developers – your buying power determines the course of the entire games industry; that's quite the responsibility.

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dizzleK3016d ago

obviously publishers have never heard of oversaturation and backlash, they will milk these windowlicker games until the market collapses.

"real gamers" aren't the solution either. look at n4g for example-"i'll rent it, no replay, no online=no buy, too short" is it any wonder shooters and casuals took over when all even the "hardcore" gamers want is a game with an m-16?

it's hard to put my angst into words but it's a sad state of affairs when the group of people who used to be counted on to play everything can't be bothered with anything but vanilla, mainstream shit. the consumers won't change anything, they're the dummies who put us where we're at in the first place.

The_Zeitgeist3016d ago

Stands up and claps slowly.