'Rest of' Halo:Reach Multiplayer Achievements Detailed

RespawnAction: "In addition to the armor variants shown today, Bungie also noted what they called 'the rest of' the multiplayer specific achievements for Halo: Reach. Let's take a look, shall we?"

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003012d ago

there's only three and don't seem particularly hard to get.

pustulio3012d ago

This where announced on friday and i like them because you're not gonna see 4 dudes trying to get an achievement and ruining the game for everyone else.

SixZeroFour3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

theres was shown the update before this one...the 4th one was

"Yes, Sensei – Earn a First Strike Medal in a Matchmaking game."

EDIT: prolly easiest in team swat