DRM is finally starting to become reasonable in the music world, what about the Video Game Industry?

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Cevapi883066d ago

no...just no....when someone shells out $50-$60 on a game and then they get treated like someone who pirated a game then screw the publisher...its ironic that DRM gets cracked in a matter of days and pirates enjoy the game whenever and however they want...i give up my money and have to prove that this is a legit copy because my receipt is just not enough....pointless

Bereaver3066d ago

There will never be a correct way to work DRM, unless authorities really start to crack down on piracy.

I understand their ways, and well.... I don't blame them 100%, they are just trying to protect their job like every other person out there.

I mean think about it. Do you think the graphic arts designer has anything to do with the DRM? No, not really.

Sigh.... this topic is a lose/lose situation.

Yi-Long3065d ago

... when a product has DRM, you're much better off with just downloading an illegal copy.

I'll never buy a product with DRM, cause I don't want to be confronted with all kinds of hassle 10 years from now when I want to use my purchased product!

Same as with the idea of selling 'incomplete' games and having the remaining part for you to download with a code online. I'll never buy that, cause how do I know that's going to work 10 years from now!?

I just want to go to the store, pay my 30/50 bucks or whatever, and have a complete quality product. How fucking hard is that for developers to understand!?

chak_3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

so because game have a DRM you pirate it?

How stupid. Can't you just ignore it, or pay it later when it's cheap.

You're just making up escuses for pirating games, and the kind like you ruin the industry.

I buy the game that I think worth my money, and sure Ubi's are not part of those, but they just get out of my mind as fast as a f16.

Piracy is the wrong answer to DRM. Boycott/ignore is.

When people will understand that the video game industry will be better.

Waiting for that I'll keep hating every pirate that ruin their own hobby without even noticing it, blaming constantly the evil publisher.

you are part of the problem, start to work on that instead of crying for a little securom.

if they didn't have DRM you still wouldn't buy it because ti's too short/no MP/ I don't like hero's hair or whatever.

Grow up already.

Do you steal your book, your bread, your car?

I replied to you because you were here, but that goes for every damn pirate. you're hurting yourself more than anything else

outwar60103065d ago

to guy above. DRM is very annoying if im paying for a game it should be a hassle free seamless experience. I'm not a game pirate; the whole experience right now just feels like im constantly being harrased by devs after the legitimate purchase of a game. (with steam you need a constant internet connection to play games on your pc that you've paid for FUCK THAT)

Faelan3065d ago

Quote outwar6010: "with steam you need a constant internet connection to play games on your pc that you've paid for"


Really? I had a brief net hickup the other day when I tried to launch a game in Steam. I switched to offline mode and then fired up the game without a problem. How come that I was able to do that if Steam requires a constant Internet connection as you claim?

chak_3065d ago

You're just paranoid.

90% of DRM aren't that much of a problem, you're just trying to convince you.

securom? So what, a disk check and then?
steam? you're connected anyway, and if needed you just go in offline mode.

OK some big DRM, like ubi's or the one on C&C 5 are a pain, but that doesn't mean you have to pirate'em

what sadden me the more is all the disagrees. Have fun when all DRM will be perma internet connection

Nihilism3065d ago

I buy all my games retail...but if any games come with DRM and there is no crack avauilable, I would have no qualms about pirating it, it is not a lost sale you see, not from something I would never buy.

Bioshock 2: limited installs + online activation + disk check + GFWL reads like a nightmare...but a crack was available, so I bought it.

Steam games too, steam F-ed up both my AVP install and my fear 2 install I now have to download 3-4gig of patches again because it won't even let me restore my backups. It also tried to re-download the entire AVP3 game...even though mine was the retail version...and it was installed...and working 2 hours earlier...

So DRM games, retail games that require steam, games that require online activation...they all have "pirate me" signs plastered all over them.

Plain and simple, you treat your customers like thieves and you lose sales...

chak_3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

yeah, but why bother to pirate it if would never buy it?

It's not like it seems to interest you then? Don't you have anything else to play?

I bought bioshock 2, had no trouble whatsoever.

Installed, activated, played, played, GFWL didn't bothered me at all, then I uninstalled it, and it revoked license.

HOW HARD ! Come on, limited to something like 10 activations, which you can revoke....

Well nevermind, it reads like I'm the one wrong here, Alone vs the world

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Lucent Beam3066d ago

The picture for this article alone makes it win. Also has a lot of good points.

jjesso19933065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

chak Piracy is not like stealing If I steal a car the owner is without a car If download a game illegally then no one is losing out if a game,movie,music,e-book, is not going bought by the pirate then the company would not being losing money. and no you can't condone piracy its wrong but you not stealing when downloading something thats illegal.

chak_3065d ago

yeah whatever, just act like that it's fine. Are you 12 and money-less?

I'd like your boss not to pay you for the job you did. He wouldn't steal you anything right? You didn't get the money yet.

jjesso19933065d ago

did you even bother reading what I said I did not try to condone piracy I simply saying it's not like stealing like you said ''Do you steal your book, your bread, your car?''.

My employer not paying for my work is completely different from someone downloading something as that person that may have downloaded something and may not pay for that even without the option of downloading the game or what ever. so the people who made that game will not gain any money if say people download but would buy if they had to.

also if you look at my user name you would know iam 16-17 and iam not moneyless as about 15 minutes ago i was unboxing my new 3dtv.

ShiftyLookingCow3065d ago

Enjoy watching Captain Jack Sparrow on your 3D TV! As for me, I will illegally download the latest episode of the pirate cartoon One Piece to watch on my crappy 2D monitor.

HolyOrangeCows3065d ago

You're the least tactful PC troll I have ever seen on this site.