Is PlayStation Plus the Right Service For Me?

To compete with the premium service offered by Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE, Sony released PlayStation Plus that doesn’t include just exclusive content to subscribers, but free games as well.

Everyone knows that the PlayStation Network offers free multiplayer whereas users of the Xbox 360 requires Xbox LIVE Gold Membership. For subscribers of the Xbox LIVE Gold, what they get are dedicated servers for multiplayer online play, an exclusive deal of the week, Netflix access, exclusive content such as betas and demos, and other premium services that Microsoft offers. It sure sounds like a great deal but with the PlayStation Plus now available, what makes Sony’s premium service so special?

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DA_SHREDDER3015d ago

Not yet. Im just waiting for my cross game chat. Then I will happily sell my soul to you Sony.

SeanRL3015d ago

How many of these articles do we have to have?

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Anarki3015d ago

1 of these articles is enough......

Oner3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

I need confirmation of this by anyone who has PS+ (3 month / year sub) but was NOT an original subscriber to Qore AND who does not have the game in question ~

Can you download the free PSN game (High Velocity Bowling) AND/OR any of the free content that comes with it, that is offered via Qore?

If so, then that confirms you get an EXTRA free game with the subscription to PS+ which just adds to it's "deal".

GreenRingOfLife3015d ago

playstation plus isn't right for me until they offer more value for the cost

NothingToGainButLove3015d ago

I have a feeling playstation plus will end up offering a lot. I didnt purchase it as yet because I already have littlebigplanet and wipeout hd. For people who dont have those, it's already paying off.

Playerz83015d ago

Why is everyone comparing this to Xbox Live? It's no suppose to compete with Xbox Live at all. Plus this guy gives about 5 good reasons to have it, and only 2 bad things, so why does he think it's not worth it? Is he stupid or something?

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The real killer3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

If i play online, i can talk with other people who also play the same game.
So what is your point?


You never know..............right?

ZombieNinjaPanda3015d ago


I believe Cross Game Chat is coming as a free update. Too lazy to find the source though sorry.

FACTUAL evidence3015d ago

As of now, critics still don't get PS+, and continues trying to compare it to XBL. XBL, and PS+ offers two, way different services. One is more content based, that offers discounts/free weekly material(ps+), and the other offers P2P services, and features (XBL). Most people buy xbl because that's the only way they'll be able to play online. Sony, as always, gives you a choice to better your gaming needs. Nothing bad about XBL, but sony gives you choices to better your online experiences.

BTW, I'm not a + user atm, it doesn't appeal to me as of now, but Sony did say that they will add more to come. The service is less than a month old. We shall compare to XBL in a year...lets be fair, right? All in all, if you like buying content from the PS store, Plus is definitely for you without a doubt.

moparful993015d ago

Xbox live does not have dedicated servers!!!! Where do these wanna be authors get their information? Nearly every game on xbox live is through client severs or client hosting.. Its misinformation like this that gets propogated around the internet and leads to so much of the bull that people try and pass off as fact..

Godmars2903015d ago

So far for a 12 month service at $50 its giving you access to over $80 worth of content in it first month alone.

If over those 12 months you get further access to another $40 of content per month thats $490 worth of crap in total you get to pick though. With another 3 months besides for signing up early.

Hell, think I finally just convinced myself to get the damn thing!

msbabie200343015d ago

you suck. psn plus blows i have psn but plus offers nothing. pull ya tampond and realize you blew 50 bones for a rental service!

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easto1a3015d ago

for me PSN needs a feature or 2 before i part with my cash

happyface3015d ago

without PS plus you aren't a real Sony gamer

duplissi3015d ago

wow, someone disagreed with me.... have a fun life.
i like my ps3 but holy shit its just a hunk of plastic silicon and metal when it comes down to it and im not about to stoop to fanatical levels for something material....

real sony gamer.... grow the fuck up.

Godmars2903015d ago

You and happyface are the ones saying childish crap. Are the ones apparently blindly loyal a hunk of plastic, silicone and metal. Anything you get though or offered on it.

From someone who plays games on a PS3, not a Sony gamer, take your own advise and grow up.

duplissi3014d ago

wow you totally did not get what i said...

when i said "right..." it was veiled sarcasm. see the periods? (i was essentially mocking happyface), then someone disagreed with me indicating to me that they agreed with happyface that is who im telling to grow up.

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Nitrowolf23015d ago

I want Sony to add the Vid store to the service, get some discounted titles

George Sears3015d ago

Okay bare with me here people but why do some consider the games that you get with Plus free if it is basically part of the service to begin with? You don't get any games for free if you don't have the service so why is it considered free?

I see it as just part of the overall package.

tplarkin73015d ago

Eventhough it is old stuff, you don't get to keep much of it if you fail to maintain the subscription.

Welcome to the Kevin Butler coupon club.

moparful993015d ago

So what all do you get with your xbox live gold subscription? Do you get free games? NO. Hmm what about free demos, betas, avatars, themes, discounts, dlc? No? Well sounds like the video game equivalent of Enron.
Microsoft: "You pay me 50 bucks a year and I give you the ability to play your games online with your buddies all the while shoving adds down your naive little throats."

You: "Oh boy that sounds like such a good deal. How about you make your console faulty so I have to rebuy it several times in order to keep up with my buddies gamer score?"

Microsoft: "Done and I'll throw in the fact that we wont even offer a console with half the features out of the box that the other guy has."

You: "Oh microsoft how I love you. Next time don't use lube while I take it up the rear ok?"

Microsoft: "You are such a good little slave."

cyclonus0073015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

It's the same logic behind the "Buy 1, Get 1 Free" concept. People assume they are getting a value by getting something "free", even if they had no intention of buying the "free" item in the first place.

Having said that, I have PS+ and it rules.

phantomexe3015d ago

Id wait i've only had mine a few weeks and its not where it could be yet but i'm sure it'll get better.

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