GamersCast: My Short Time With Kinect- Hands on Impressions

Adam Shear of Gamerscast became the controller as he shares his impressions of Kinect which he got to try out for himself.

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tiamat53015d ago

Another lukewarm 'it kinda works' Kinect preview. Seeing a lot of these.

Bigpappy3015d ago

Some people step right up to the camera and expect it to see their entire body.
I am sure connect works just fine when it is setup properly.

With Lights out for the move you have to stay in one place and calibrate the move constantly to try and land a punch. I have proof:

howjord3015d ago

Yeah thought it was called move and yet your told you can't move your feet. A lot of punches depend on feet positioning. Also for that game its going to cost £40 for the game and £40 for each move controller. So £120 total!!.
Apparently that game doesn't track the move controllers glowing ball. So what's the point using them?