Will There Ever Be Call of Duty VS Halo

We see all the old classic video game characters in competition like Superman vs Batman, Mario vs Sonic, The Hulk vs Iron Man. So when will we see these two high rated games clash? Every call of Duty gamer believes that its better than Halo. The exact opposite is thought by Halo players against Call of Duty.

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Natsu X FairyTail3012d ago

nobody wants that. I'm good with halo by itself.

Conloles3011d ago

WTF kind of a retarded article is this?

Jordanemery3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Its a debate by many Halo and COD players on which is better. Its nothing that must happen but it would be a unique and fun new addition to third person shooter games. I wrote this article because I have heard this topic brought up by many gamers. Most of the time times I heard debates between COD and Halo games arguing which one is better and that they would prove their point if a game like this existed. I prefer playing the games by themselves too. But every now and then it would be fun to watch these two go head to head and heard the fans of each game compete.

Simply an idea that I thought the community would like to chat about.

Cevapi883011d ago

the amount of cursing and racist comments between the two sides would probably make someone go deaf.....just saying lol

The Meerkat3011d ago

It would be unfair for the COD players.

A 9 foot tall invisible elite with shields, an energy sword and plasma repeater who can jump 15 feet in the air would be unbeatable.

Razmossis3011d ago

COD guys would win, since Halo guns are weak asss. Headshots require 12 bullets for death, or a full clip of body shots, lol

wwm0nkey3011d ago

You are aware that is only because of the armor and shields right?

HarryM3011d ago

"It would be unfair for the COD players."

Unfair? It's a war, there's no such thing..

RedDead3011d ago

No need for a war, the Covenant would just rape earth from space.

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DigitalRaptor3012d ago

Ewww. Is all I can say.

Two of the most overrated online shooters in one package would make me ill.

OSU_Gamer3011d ago

Halo is still one of the most played online console games besides MW2, and that's 3 years after it's release. I just don't see how it is overrated.

toolhead4life3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

I don't know about Halo vs COD, but what I'd like to see someday is an FPS of either of those games' caliber, but with cross-platform matches.

Have some PS3 vs 360 CTF or team deathmatches for example.

edhe3011d ago

But then the ps3 fans would have an actual reason to feel butthurt :P

WLPowell3011d ago

only because it would look sub-HD and be p2p connection with 8 vs 8 being the most players in a match and the maps would be built with campers in mind... just because the devs don't want to alienate the 360 players with something that's good for a change. Pass I'll stick with Uncharted 2 or Killzone 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.