James Bond 007: Blood Stone: Video shows intro and titlesong

A new video shows the intro of James Bond 007: Blood Stone including Joss Stone's titlesong “I’ll take it all”. We have also some Lifestyle Pictures of Joss Stone herself.

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Sneak-Out3067d ago

Looks awesome .... and great Song ...

Crazyglues3067d ago

I mean you take on one of the, video game world's most beloved franchise, ever since 007 on N64 and you have a chance to make an epic game... I mean epic... and they fail every time.

-and don't get me wrong this intro looks amazing so does this trailer -

-but last year or year before was the same thing (And they had the COD4 game engine)... looked really good and once again one seriously sad, and huge, huge disappointing video game.

This year they got Bizarre Creations - who made amazing games like PGR4 - an amazing racing game, which leads me to think they might do some amazing car chases in here, I mean these guys also made Blur... so this could be interesting...

It also appears they are using the CODMW2 tweaked game engine, also being used in Black Ops...

So this is looking really good but I don't want to get my hopes up because I have been let down big time in the past.. they won't get me again..

I'll wait for reviews.. and actual Game-Play videos before I touch this one.

-But it's really sad that they are not making another Movie, this would probably be on the top of my must see in the movie theater movies if they were to make one.

I just hope the game comes out amazing, it would be awesome to have a really good James Bond game again - I've been waiting for a really good one ever since 007 on Nintendo 64 with the rumble pack... best bond game ever..

(hands down)

nix3066d ago

i think Sony should just take up the license and make the next James Bond movie. Nobody makes quality games like Sony. I would buy it first day!

NarooN3066d ago

Dunno what you're on about because almost every Bond game on the PS2 was fucking AMAZING. I spent hours upon hours playing Nightfire and Everything or Nothing. Those games had great characters, great gameplay, and nice stories. Quantum of Solace was a decent game in my opinion, but it was muddled because they combined Casino Royale AND Quantum of Solace into one game. Plus it was made by Treyarch, who had most of their resources dedicated to TWO other games at the time.

This game looks to be going back to the style of Everything or Nothing, which was a critical and commercial success. That game was truly a gem and I think I still have my PS2 copy with me right here.

Goldeneye was a nice game but any time you hear anyone talk about it, they're just talking about the MP. Yeah it was fun, but it was only special because they brought PC-style MP to the consoles and it was really fluid. It was a first, and many games have done it since then. It's not special anymore.

DUERER19423067d ago

uh, i like james bond :)

fossilfern3067d ago

Absolutely loving it ! This is looking like a fantastic bond game the game i have been waiting for :D

user8586213067d ago

agreed!, quantom of solace was a enjoyable game, interested to see how this turns out to be

3067d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.