5 Video Games with the Worst Glitches Ever

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Video game glitches are part of the general experience. We all find ourselves happily playing a game when something strange and unexpected happens.

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RockmanII73039d ago

The Halo glitches aren't bad, I'm sure you can find worse.

Paradicia3039d ago

Yeah, Master chief with the Halo 3 logo behind him just calls for flame bait. If any picture should be in place of it should be a MW2 picture. Every game has its glitches but Halo isn't infamous for them. Most of the glitches in the article don't even work anymore as the developers who cared brought out patches.

HolyOrangeCows3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Halo 2 was a lot more glitchy than 3.

People always grabbed the freaking sniper and bounced to the top of a building where they were almost impossible to get, since they already had the sniper and were 20 stories up :P

roccohateskittens3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Agreed, I played Halo 2 fairly regularly throughout its run on XBL and the button glitches (BxR, BxB, RRX, etc), super jumps, and network tampering (standbying, host-booting) were far worse from a player's standpoint than anything in Halo 3.

And for the record, Butterflying was a Halo 2 glitch, not Halo 3. It is not deserving of a "worst glitch" list as it didn't affect public multiplayer games. It was really fun to use when exploring maps in custom games though.

None of the Halo 3 glitches are even relevant at all. Jtag auto aim cheats and network tampering are really the only glitches in Halo 3.

Conloles3039d ago

Pfft worst glitches ever? And what about all those budget games ?

How the worst, buggiest game ever Big Rigs is not on there is beyond me.

Hideo_Kojima3038d ago

You guys know nothing about glitches...

the worst glitching game is Gunz Online... its a bit hard to explain what happened but read it if your interested.

The game was so glitchy that you actually thought the glitches were part of the game.

After level 15 (about 2 weeks of work) unless you glitched it was impossible to kill anyone.

So many people were glitching in that game that after a month or 2 the developers started supporting the glitch fighting techniques.

Glitch fighting:

None of the moves in the video were part of the game they are all glitches caused by pressing buttons to fast.

The game without anyone using glitches:

The Great Melon3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )


My friends and I played around with that game a few years ago. It was ridiculous what you had to do to be competitive.

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Blaze9293039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

lmao I'm not even sure why Halo 3 was even listed. The "glitches" they listed are more like exploits that require work and knowledge of how to activate it. Last time I check glitches are developer-made problems like for example out of no where walking on no ground or running and suddenly jumping 300 ft. Not things where you need to tamper with a connection and press a command of buttons and hope it works. Halo is just bait so people will give a damn about this article. Every Halo 3 player knows there has not been a single "glitch" in Halo 3 since it's release.

FFS they even called the "glitches" for Halo 3 fun. Fun? How can something fun be "worst glitches ever"?

list fails. Do they even know what a glitch is? Apparently not since Gears of War 2 didn't make the list.

Tachyon_Nova3039d ago

Try playing any Battlefield... 2142 was particularly bad, with choppers falling through decks, constant server issues, constant crash to desktop issues, wall hacks, lag, poor knife hit detection.

While they have fixed a lot of these issues in recent games, BC2's lag is worse than ever, and the hit detection is so unbelievably bad, especially with the knife, that I can no longer muster up the courage to play the game. Considering I've reached top rank in every battlefield except BF2, the fact that I was so frustrated by the game that I gave up at level 20 (put of 45) should say something.

Imperator3039d ago

Why is Halo 3 in the article picture. Perhaps it's just me, but I thought it was a really well made game. I experience any glitches.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

No Forza 3?

The game have tons of it, even some scary:

And Flashpoint Dragon Rising.

hmmmm3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Far Cry 2 had the worst glitch, it would corrupt your save game and you'd have to start again. The most annoying thing is that the reason it corrupted is because of things you may or may not do at the start of the game, which then cause your game to corrupt when you reach about 3 quarters of the way through which makes saving in multiple slots useless too, forcing you to start again....

HarryM3038d ago

The title says "5 Video Games With the WORST Glitches Ever", but the writer calls Halo 3's glitches "fun".

The writer then says "These grenades are more powerful than others and will destroy virtually everyone on the map. This cheat can only be done on Valhalla."

So wait, now this glitch is a cheat? :S

NeutralGamer3038d ago

Halo is in the article picture simply because its a Xbox exclusive.. LOL...

Sanzee3038d ago

I can't believe N4G actually has Xbox fans now. Sweet, I'm not alone.

Independent_Charles3038d ago

yeah we are here you just have to find us sencible xbox fans not the trolls

FACTUAL evidence3038d ago

I thought when they listed MW2, i thought I was going to have to read 65,744,765 glitches.

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OneSneakyMofo3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

What? No Gears of War 2? That game was riddled with glitches.

Edit: For the disagreers:

Granted, the last time I played Gears they had fixed most of those. I still disregard that game because of poor development though.

Lich1203039d ago

My personal favorite was the ability for a team of three to join into a Wingman game. Completely unfair.

ranmafandude3039d ago

i never seen that glitch before and i had the game since day one lol.

Lich1203039d ago

Really? Count yourself lucky then =) Me and my buddy ran into that all the time for the first month or so. Also, Im curious about the disagree's on my comment? Because it was definitely a glitch people used.

ranmafandude3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

naw sorry but halo's glitches are minimal and hardly affect the game itself.

worst offenders for me personally: gears of war 2 and modern warfare 2.

both are sequels that are worse than the original and they both didn't have an online beta.

blue7xx73039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Agree I have never experienced glitches in any Halo game they are some of the most polished games I have ever played. As For Gears 2 I honestly haven't experienced any glitches on that one either. Same with Assassins Creed never experienced any.

One of the games that has horrible glitches is Fable 2 I loved that game but wow does it have glitches they did fix a lot of them to be fair with a patch. Another one is Mass Effect 1.

There are far worst games out there that have horrible glitches than most of these.

OrganicMachine3039d ago

the Halo glitches he mentioned aren't that bad at all..

now MW2 has TONs of them.. TONs..

Spenok3039d ago

Yeah this article could have been much better.

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