Worldwide Weekly Hardware Sales for July 10th, 2010

Vgchartz: The week's top-selling hardware and software ranked by unit sales.

Console Weekly (change)

DS 279,017 (0%)
Wii 161,879 (+4%)
360 147,456 (-20%)
PS3 129,911 (-1%)
PSP 77,879 (-1%)
PS2 31,636 (+7%)

Total 827,778 (-4%)

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Natsu X FairyTail3015d ago

I cant believe people actually purchased Wii party over Super Mario Bros.2 .

bioshock12213015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

It has Wii in the title it's bound to sell. Even Wii music sold great regardless of all the hate it got.

Wow at Crackdown 2 300,000 worldwide wasn't really expecting it do to well. With all the hate it has gotten recently and having no hype what so ever and very little marketing to none at all. It did well.

@tinybigman there are always Vgchartz stories in here just the majority just never make it to the front page.

Beefstew4u3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

The ps2 is 10 years old and obviously won't sell so great anymore.
The psp is 6 years old and obviously it won't sell as much that far into its life.
The ps3 has been consistently outselling the 360 worldwide since the launch of the slim. The 360 has only been outselling it (by a few tens of thousands every week) since Microsoft released the slim, and dropped the price of the original fat xbox.

TheGreenMan3015d ago

Really...PS2 is in LAST place? The last time I checked it had 120 million + units worldwide. If you're going to be a troll, at least try to be an intelligent one.


Afro-Ninja23015d ago


so -20% doesn't mean anything to you???


shoddy3015d ago

Just saying to shut people talking about sales.

-1% for ps3 isn't so bad. I'll bet worldwide it'll be +10%.

Danja3015d ago

I dont see any other console from 10 years ago selling 30k A week has any other console been able to do that ? not even the might Nintendo Handhelds have been able to do this??

The 360 just got a hardware revision what do you expect sales should spike , but the impact wont be as big as the PS3 slim sales will fall in 3 weeks or so below the PS3 after the rush in Europe dies down to get a 360 slim...

overall good numbers for everyone since summer normally bring in the lowest hardware sales...

oohWii3015d ago

What's with all the excuses and spins. It is what it is regardless to what people use as a reason for why it happened.

I beat you in a race but you slipped at the start, doesn't matter I still beat you.

You girlfriend dumped you because someone lied that you cheated on her, doesn't matter your ass is still without a girl friend.

Enough with the spins and excuses.

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tinybigman3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

i haven't seen this many VGC articles in my life on N4G.

@bioshock it really doesn't bother me none as i don't care about the sales. i know none of the 3 companies will be leaving the business no time soon, and i still have a lot of great games to get and play on all 3.

unlike some here i don't live for sales, i don't get any money from any of the 3 companies so why should i care; i was just amazed at how VGC is showing up more frequently then before.

Cold 20003015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

So...what new argument can they come up with now...

The World =/= The World !! :)

silvacrest3015d ago

i will just list two points

1. this is JUST weekly sales, alot can change in another week

2. microsoft just released a slim and it was literally just released in europe, on the 16th of july, if its sales were lower, regardless, i would be concerned


oo fuuuunnnnnnyyyyy! Too funny xD

Bzone243015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

I guess now it's...

The Week =/= The Month !!


Tainted Gene3015d ago

Seriously though, that was pretty clever Cold... lol

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StbI9903015d ago


140+ console sry, no console will surpass that EVER, not with this economy going down like a rock in the water.

EVILDEAD3603015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

In before World Charts don't = the World..

Then we'll hear more American bashing then..oh wait..this isn't NPD

My before VG Chartz means absolutely nothing..

Then we'll hear 360 fans only play sales..

LOL..nah...who cares.the 360 got a bump..and that's a good doesn't mean it'll last forever etc etc..what it means is following the PS3 Slim move is working out and dropping the price is always good for the consumer

At the end of the day..they all sold around the same..and the truth is this is simply a prediction..summer months are are summer months..the holidays is really when the numbers will start pouring in


The Almighty PS3rd3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

-20% because of shortages of 360 Slim Sony Turd. I cant find a 360 slim anywhere in Tampa.

The 4D Almighty PS3rd just fails in general.

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NAGNEWS3015d ago

PS2 +7%? you got to be kidding me, this is sick that ps2 is selling so well

nikkisixx23015d ago

yeah its amazing, but not surprised because the ps2 is such a great system.

MaximusPrime3015d ago

people loves PS2. its small, lite, cheap and has loads of awesome classic games.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

That is why PS3 Slim don't have BC. Sony still getting full profit of PS2 (PS3 + PS2 + PSP). The only Company supporting the Console of previous Gen, not everyone can do that.

When they quit with PS2, there will be BC of PS2 on PS3.

Omega43015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

360 should be back infront of the Wii next week with the 360S coming out in EU. Surprising it still doing so well now considering the shortages in the US.

LOL, ok disagree then watch when the 360 does lead next week.

Anon19743015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

I think what Omega4 meant to say is "Watch when the 360 leads next week in these made-up, meaningless weekly sales numbers from a site that can't be bothered to update its data even when the official numbers are publicly available."

Come on. This is Vgchartz. Their numbers they're showing for the PS3 are right...from 3 months ago. Sony confirmed for the end of March a total of 35.9 million PS3's sold and VGchartz shows this number now. So either the PS3 hasn't sold a single console these last three months according to Vgchartz or they simply don't mind that their numbers are probably a million or so off. Which is it?

Doesn't matter. In a couple of weeks, both Microsoft and Sony will release their numbers for the quarter ending in June. I have no doubt that the 360 has seen a spike since they slashed the prices on the old 360 consoles (which will show up on the update in November) but to get a true idea of what the real situation has been for the first half of the year, wait for the official numbers. Don't bother with VgChartz' garbage numbers.

hoops3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

The irony is Darkride is if the PS3 had higher numbers than the Xbox360 on VgChartz you would NOT be saying:

"Don't bother with VgChartz' garbage numbers."
Instead you would be saying:

"The PS3 outsells the Xbox360 again!"

Regardless. Why do you care so much about sales? Do you work for Sony or MS or Nintendo to care? Unless you have huge financial stakes in these companies you should only care that THEY all sell strongly as competition moves the marketplace and is great for consumers.
But I get this feeling based on all your previous posts on N4G.COM you want just ONE console company to sell well..........

And they ALL SOLD WELL in reality. Which I am happy about. I for one do not want ONE console company overpowering the market. The way it is now is great. YOU obviously don;t want this based on all your rants before.
Enjoy gaming not hating

RememberThe3573015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

There is a large part of the US market that the NPD doesn't cover but makes up for with predictions. The only official numbers are the shipped numbers from each company and they don't count how many were actually sold to consumers.

These are estimates and VGChartz has never hid that fact.



Actually no one could ever count sold to consumers because none of those companies does sell to final consumers.

You people fail to realize what sold and shipped mean, why you can inflate one and not the other... And yes, only MS still report shipping numbers instead of sales.

To enlighten you, those companies sell consoles to stores (it's the stores business to sell those to consumers).

Shipping is about sending those to warehouses/distributors. All Sony, MS and Nintendo have their own warehouses and distribuition partners. The Canadian Synergex or the Latin American Latamel are examples.

You can over-stock your own warehouses and, in some cases, some distribuition partners, stores on the other hand won't accept to BUY more product that they don't believe they can sell.

Back in 2006 MS said they SHIPPED 10 million consoles, while by accounting NPD and MediaCreate they barelly passed 5 million consoles sold to consumer. There is still Europe and many other regions to count, but considering 360 best selling ground is America you can say they never SOLD to retailers those 10 million consoles.

Ninty has reported their sold to stores numbers for as far as I can remember and Sony, if memory serves me right, have started reporting sales instead of shippments back in 2007.

If the Big 3 had even the least of idea of how many of those consoles are in the owner's hands and how many are sitting on store shelves colecting dust, there would be no need to pay research companies like NPD, MediaCreate, Chart Track or GfK to go out and research retailers for that info, as the Big 3 have figures released within the industry economy every month, especially after crysis, but they simply can't control retailer which also aren't obbligagted to share their own numbers.

The real killer3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

I ask you, how many 360 you and all those 360 fanboy's have bought?


He mention, how many old 360 users will get the 360S.

Hoops, put your head out of the VGZ charts.

You still funny Hoopy.

Look at this

PS3 32,196 /1,014,968 360 47,594 /1,672,601 Red Dead Redemption

Oke the difference 9 Million 360 agains PS3 consoles Red dead redemption on the 360 sold 600.000 units more with a userbase of 23,805,663 in USA, so where are the other Millions 360's?

hoops3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

If people with Xbox360's die and they are stupid like you real killer and go out and buy a new one and not get it repaired for free, then you go with your conspiracy theory. Its amazing how Fanboys like real killer think ALL Xbox360 owners who got RROD would go out and buy a new one when MS gave out 3 year warrenties for that very problem....and its not a secret either that MS has done this. It was world news that MS gave out extended warrenties. So real dumbass killer saying the majority of new Xbox360 sales are from people who bought one already....
Real Killer please......You and Sarah Palin need to figure out a way to stop the full motion retardation you both suffer from.

Btw...When the PS3 slim was released and sales went up, did you come on N4G.COM and tell everyone in your broken english that the sales were mostly from CURRENT PS3 owners WANTING a new slim version of the PS3? The reality was it was from mostly new buyers LIKE the buyers getting the Xbox360s. You're such the hypocrite.
Real Killer stop nut hugging Sony so much. Get a girlfriend dude.
Why do you care so much about numbers like Darkride? Do you work for Sony or MS at the senior management level?
Just be thankful they are both selling excellent to provide competition. Fanboys LIKE you dont want this. You want one company to monopolize the market.

Jazz41083015d ago

You guys seem to think a 360 rebought does not count and it sure the hell does. A sale is a sale. And if a persons console dies and they go right back and buy another one that shows you they are either f uped in the head or maybe its a truly amazing experience.

Colonel-Killzone3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Wow I can't believe the ps2 sales actually increased...

n4gno3015d ago

"shortage in us" what a joke.. :)

you probably forget to notice, like others trollmsemployees, that ps3 "doomed" system, has done the same thing in july (worldwide) than xbox, with the slim boost ! ([email protected] dumb fans 2 days ago, crying victory for a good 360 weeks, in US)

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