RPGFan: Dragon Quest IX Review

RPGFan writes: "If this review comes off as sparse in regard to the nuts and bolts of the gameplay, it's because you already know what you're getting here, and what you're getting is a bite-sized installment to one of the most classic and cherished franchises the RPG community has had the pleasure of playing. It's also got whackadoodle additions like surprisingly fun multiplayer and character customization that probably have no place in the formula, but it's tweaks like these that are sure to garner the most excitement from casual and established players alike. Penny pinchers will be astounded at the sheer amount of raw content that comes mashed into this tiny little cartridge, with sidequests and post-game content that can easily double the main, 40 hour storyline. Traditionally entertaining, progressive and forward-thinking, and always punny in the most excessive ways possible, Dragon Quest IX is a flappin' huge adventure with content and wit to spare."

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